Gravy Cheese Fries??????

So I've lived in Pleasant Ridge for 2 years now and have always been a little afraid of the big blinking flashing arrow on Montgomery Rd! But last week while on vacation - I finally bit the bullet and ventured into the neighborhood phenom known as Pleasant Ridge Chili!

They're famous for gravy cheese fries - yes GRAVY CHEESE FRIES. Makes me throw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it!

(Update - had the gravy cheese fries - they rock the house!)

Needless to say - I haven't gone so far as to try those - that'll be visit #2.

I did try the chili - got my standard Skyline order - 3 way and a coney and...


They're open until 430am - so how can you go wrong? I can't wait to go for breakfast sometime. And yes - one of these times - I'll even try the GCF! I have to work up to that though...

I'm going to give it a 4 star = Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing! Mainly because it was so cheap and so close to home! I can't wait to go back!

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The girls and I decided to head out to Mesh for a fun girls night out last night! It was great!

We had a wide variety of tastes and palettes so let's run through them:

Amuse buche - parmesan torte I think - it was cold, kind of crispy and fairly bland - but points for it being vegetarian

Julia - crab appetizer (delicious!!!), lobster mashed potatoes (not that great - dry), asparagus (fine), poppers (lots of potato and fairly spicy - maybe add some cheese?)

Jen - (our vegetarian) - house salad (sturkeys amazing dressing and dried cherries!!), asparagus (fine) and shoestring potatoes (she didn't comment but did clean her plate)

Heather (me!) - house salad (love love love) and scallop dinner (scallops were cooked wonderfully, spinach & mushroom risotto was just okay - fairly bland - i really want to like risotto but it never lives up to the taste i'm hoping for)

Dessert - we got the coconut cake & coconut/lime ice cream - really really great! We split it three ways and it was really light and tasty!

I also want to apologize to the older couple that was celebrating their anniversary next to us - I just got some for the first time in like 6 months the night before and we were discussing it - and we were loud (no - me???). Those poor people - we tried to be quiet and use code words for things like blow job and penis size...hahahahahaha.

I give Mesh the 3 star = That's like generic mac & cheese - almost perfect - but it's not the blue box!

I've liked it better other times but it was a fun girls night out!

Vacation Central!!!! Let's tour Cincinnati!

So I've been on vacation for a few days - but where have I been? CINCINNATI! I had friends come in from out of town and have been showing them the city. So I had to show them my favorites of Cincinnati - within reason - they have a five year old - so every place had to be kid-friendly!

So here's my Tour of Cincinnati!

Day 1: RuThai's in Mt Lookout & Graeters
Well they got here late - so all we had time for was dinner. RuThai's is a little Thai joint on Mt Lookout Square. I had my usual sushi (Berron & UK rolls) and my friends tried the Spicy Fish (my personal favorite dish on the menu) and the Pepper/Onion Chicken. A good time was had by all! The Spicy Fish was definitely a hit as was the restaurant overall. It's cute, quaint and local! Don't forget - it's BYOB - my friend looked over and said "Hey - they just pulled beer out of their bag!" After dinner - we headed to Graeters in Hyde Park for some ice cream. How can we not?

Day 2: Habanero - Newport Aquarium - Party with friends
We're not early risers - so breakfast was at home...then we hit Newport. Habanero was the only place open and it was okay. I'm just not a fan of Habanero. I had a bad date there - guy wore a fanny pack - can't recover from that. I had nachos and they were just eh - and most of the time - I love Nachos. I really wanted to take them to Deweys but they didn't open until Noon. Aquarium was fun - I'd never been - great place to take a little boy. The party at my friend's house was great of course...

Day 3: Kings Island - LaRosa's - Zips
Well - with a 5 year old - you have to go to Kings Island! That's always a fun time and thankfully - they aren't big ride people - so we had a good time and didn't leave sick to our stomachs! Now for lunch - if you're at KI - you have to do LaRosa's - I mean - duh! It's just better at Kings Island! Monday was no exception - always yummy! Then an afternoon of rides passed us by - we got wet on the log ride and had a blast. Then we headed home for a nap - and once we woke up - our bellies were ready for Zips! We covered the menu there - turkey burger, cheese burger and even a GIRTH burger! Of course - everybody was happy with Zips - I mean - how can you not?

Day 4: Echo - Zoo - Montgomery Inn
Finally, we woke up for breakfast! I decided the Echo was a fun place to go - Waffle House is more Cinci but hey - I wanted to class it up a bit! We had a great breakfast - it was fun and the pancakes were great!!!! The zoo was great fun as well - I love the polar bears! (p.s. you can't feed the giraffes yet - but you can see them!). For dinner, the troops went to Montgomery Inn because you have to go there! We chose the boathouse for the view and were able to eat outside - it was really peaceful and a great place to have dinner with a little guy. He could look at the water and the sites. Also - eating outside was nice - the inside was very crowded and very loud.

Day 5: Shopping - Deweys - IKEA - Pirates Cove
Amy wanted to shop - so we hit Rookwood...nothing too exciting. I did get some new shorts! W00T! Kenwood Deweys was a good spot for lunch - we definitely loved the pizza! Then we toured the latest Cinci attraction - IKEA! Fun fun fun! I got an ice cream scoop, a fold away table and a curtain bracket - ONLY AT IKEA! Then for dinner, we went to Pirate's Cove. If you're unfamiliar with PC - it's the only floating restaurant in Cincinnati! It's located on the marina with the Four Seasons on Kellogg near Coney Island. The food is mostly fried and nothing spectacular - but the ambiance is fun. There's a band every night at 630 - so you've got music, water, floating, drinks, fried food and fun!

Overall - a great vacation for my friends and a mini-vacation for me!

So what do you think of my tour of Cincinnati? Where did I miss?

(p.s. I know I know - no Skyline! I know my friend Amy - she'd hate it - so we skipped it.)

Now that's funny!


So my very fabulous friend Sarah and I had lunch today in downtown Cincinnati. We were supposed to go to Akash (mushroom mater is my favorite!) but she just went yesterday so the dilemma began.

Where do we go??????

Rockbottom is too busy, I'm going to Via Vite next week, PotBelly is way too busy, Ingredients is too expensive for what you get...sooo...


God I love freakin Nada! Got the carnitas tacos - again. I always do - I wanted to do one vege and one barbacoa but they were too busy and they come from different lines - blah blah blah. This annoys me a little - I mean - come on guys - how hard is it to get two tacos at the same time? But whatever - the carnitas are amazing and they're limey and full of guacamole and I love them!

I don't care that it's $2 for chips and salsa, I don't care that the bartenders have boobs bigger than my head, I don't care that the hostess had a see thru dress on and looked like a robot, I don't care that the water guy is a little creepy, I don't care that the manager is so hot that I nearly wet myself in delight every time he walks by because:


Nada most definitely gets my 4 star - Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing! (Heck so does that hot manager that asked me how my lunch was on my way out - um - only would have been better if you'd been in the taco smothered in all that guacamole!!!!)

Until next time...Food Hussy...OUT!

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Aladdin's Eatery - still undecided about my falafel festival

I really can't figure out if I liked it or not - I mean - it's been a couple of hours - and I still can't figure it out.

Well - I'll share my experience of Aladdin's Eatery in West Chester with you and let you decide if you want to go...

Service - it was scattered but attentive. We had 3-4 different servers stop by for a variety of reasons.

Appetizer - we got the Vegetarian Combo - hummus (pretty good), eggplant hummus (eh), grape leaves (pickly flavored but good), tabouleh - eh not so much and falafel (really good). Price - $9.95

Entree - I had Sfiha and my friend had Fatayer (vegetarian). The Sfiha was very good - it had a strangely familiar taste that I still can't place. It's ground beef, onion, spices in a pita burrito type of thing. Price - $8.95 each

The pitas were not as good as a typical greek place - they were thin and tasteless - I wasn't a fan.

The desserts looked absolutely fabulous - there were so many and they looked fabulous! But will the app and entree - we were full up.

So - anybody else been there? See my dilemma? There was good and bad...I'm so cornfused!

I'll give it a 2.5 - which I guess would mean - I'd go back again but wouldn't be as adventurous and might leave room to try some of that fabulous looking dessert!

Jordan Valley - lunch that you have twice!

Ran out for a quick bite today at work - this is only 1/2 block away - ugh - never going back! 

Now don't get me wrong - I like dirty. I'm fine with dirty places - it wasn't the dirty that I didn't like! 

It was plain and simple - the food sucks! 

The pita was burnt and tasteless. The chicken tasted like liver??? Not sure how that happens -  but it was gross and had no seasoning that I could taste - but it did have seasoning I could see (ew - what was it???). 

I'd walk the 3 blocks to Mythos next time and get something edible and delicious. 

And this gets the first (but definitely not last) 1 star = Not touching that - not even with your mouth! (That's what she said.) (God love Michael Scott!)

What's your favorite Greek/Lebanese place? 

Willie's in Covington

Today was have "lunch with my buddies day" - which is always a good day. They were all about Tiger and his US Open stint so we had to go someplace that had a TV - or a hundred of them. They work in Ft. Mitchell and I work in between the two? WILLIE'S IN COVINGTON!

Bottom line - it's not glamorous - the "hostess" (and I use that term lightly) was a grumpy beyotch and they're slow as God's Dog - but the food is great.

It's bar food - I had a turkey burger with "heart stopper" fries (waffle fries, cheese, bacon, scallions and ranch), one buddy had the full order of the Heart Stopper with a cup of Chicken Tortilla Soup and the other of our trio had hot wings.

How was lunch?

Tiger won and we left full and happy! (And my meal (with soda) was only $8 - it was Burger Monday!)

It's not a magical culinary experience - but for Covington - I'll take that over Tickets any day of the week!

Anybody been there? What do you think? What's your favorite sports bar?

For my rating - for what it is - I'll give it a 3 star = That's like generic mac & cheese - almost perfect - but it's not the blue box!


Okay - so no restaurant review today - I actually cooked food in my house - my stove was shocked!!!!

But when do you usually go out to eat? On a date - right - so food + hussy = a little blog about dating.

So here are a couple of pointers for guys posting photos on Eharmony:

Lesson 1. Don't post a photo of yourself with Nick Lachey. It only brings 2 reactions:

* Wow - Nick is hot...
* Who is that douchebag that wanted his picture taken with Nick Lachey???

Lesson 2. Don't unbutton your shirt past the nipple line. It only brings 2 reactions:

* Is that David Hasselhoff?
* that Hasselhoff?

(and please don't mock me for being on Eharmony - I already know how schmucky it is!)

Jean Robert - Round 2

Well I'm feeling like Jean Robert is going to see my review of Lavomatic and ban me from all of his restaurants - and we can't have that!!!! So to rectify - I'm going to have my second posting be about the amazingness that is Pigall's.

I went to Pigall's for the 4 course for $40 a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing!!!

If you haven't been - go - GO NOW!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening you can get the $40 special. They have a wine pairing for an additional $20.

The portions are great...and every course was perfect! I can't remember everything about it - but the main thing that stands out (and this is a few weeks later) - is the ravioli! It was the appetizer - simply amazing! I know I had some shrimp in there too somewhere.

Okay - this is a crappy blog - I'm realizing that - but really - just a plug for Pigall's. If you haven't made the time for the summer special - do it!

Here are a few reasons why:

1. It's Pigalls - DUH!
2. They change the menu the 15th of every month - so you can keep going and get new stuff!
3. I went to Oceanaire and their pre-theatre menu was $40 - less food and not near as good!
4. Closest thing to Daniel or Gordon Ramsey's The London that I've had in Cincinnati!
5. I'm using exclamation points cuz it was yummalicious!!!! Duh!!!!

Obviously they get my "Oh need a minute here...cuz that is amazing!" rating!

I'm going back after June 15 - anybody want to join me????

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My first blog...

I've been exploring all the restaurants in this wonderful city of ours for quite some time - I mean - there's so much more to this world than the one I grew up with in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

I've been contributing my reviews to for some time now but I just don't feel appreciated enough - so I've decided to record my thoughts and expound upon restaurant life in Cincinnati in a greater venue - that's right - a blog that nobody will read!

Actually I hope some people do...

So where do we start? How about with Lavomatic?

I went Tuesday night for the Cincinnati E.A.T.S. gathering - the first of it's kind! If you don't know about E.A.T.S. - check them out. The gathering was fun - there was a great crowd - overwhelmingly women and I think the few men that were there were attached/married. Where are all the single men in Cincinnati? Let me tell you guys - you should be at the next E.A.T.S. event!

But - the food - Lavomatic - oh how I want to like you! But too bad - I don't!

I think we got bread first - it was fine - nothing special. And oh - the butter. Okay - you're a fancy place - do two things for me:

1. soft butter - i mean - come on - i can't spread hard butter on luke warm bread!
2. flavored butter - everybody does it - it's not like jumping off a bridge - it's okay!

Back to the real dinner...

First course - we start with the cold cucumber dill soup. I'm sorry - but this is like a cross between curdled milk and something my cat throws up. I just don't like cold soup. But also - the texture was wanky and I took a few bites and stopped. It grossed me out.

Entree - oooh I had the Amish Chicken. It was really good. Prepared perfectly - very juicy - flavorful sauce - mmm mmm good! The supporting cast was great also - zucchini and veges along with a great chickpea pancake (not the official name - but think of a small potato pancake made with chickpeas instead) - it was bland and yet TASTY! Now my friend had the vegetarian entree of Farro and let me say - it looked like 1/3 of the food that I got. Again - he was very pleased with the dish but I think the bang for the buck award definitely went to the chicken. The patron sharing the table with us got a chicken serving even bigger than mine!

Dessert - Pistachio Pavlova with a citrus curd as well as rhubarb and strawberries. This was just wierd. The bottom (assumedly the "pavlova") was a sticky hunk that couldn't be cut with a spoon. Then this wierd glop of crunchy stuff like a merengue cookie on top that was very bland and then this wonderful citrus curd with chunks of rhubarb in it. I forgot how awesome rhubarb was! Really the curd and rhubarb was the only good thing about this dish. The sticky hard thing wasn't edible and the crunchy merengue part was tasteless. Overall - BLECH!

So - this is my 2nd dining experience with Lavomatic and I wasn't really impressed with either. The food is just hit and miss. I mean - I like wierd food - and I like Jean Robert (Chalk & Pigalls) - I just don't like Lavomatic!

Plus - have you noticed the boxes mounted on the wall behind the bar with broken wine glasses in them? You'd think they just dropped in broken glasses - right? WRONG! They paid someone lots of money to place each individual piece of glass in the box. That's not hip and trendy - that's pretentious and annoying! (An employee relayed this to me while I was there for my first visit.)

So overall - Lavomatic gets a Food Hussy "Eh - I'll go back if you're buying!"

Stay tuned for more rants and raves from me - The Food Hussy!

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