Okay - so no restaurant review today - I actually cooked food in my house - my stove was shocked!!!!

But when do you usually go out to eat? On a date - right - so food + hussy = a little blog about dating.

So here are a couple of pointers for guys posting photos on Eharmony:

Lesson 1. Don't post a photo of yourself with Nick Lachey. It only brings 2 reactions:

* Wow - Nick is hot...
* Who is that douchebag that wanted his picture taken with Nick Lachey???

Lesson 2. Don't unbutton your shirt past the nipple line. It only brings 2 reactions:

* Is that David Hasselhoff?
* that Hasselhoff?

(and please don't mock me for being on Eharmony - I already know how schmucky it is!)
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