Jordan Valley - lunch that you have twice!

Ran out for a quick bite today at work - this is only 1/2 block away - ugh - never going back! 

Now don't get me wrong - I like dirty. I'm fine with dirty places - it wasn't the dirty that I didn't like! 

It was plain and simple - the food sucks! 

The pita was burnt and tasteless. The chicken tasted like liver??? Not sure how that happens -  but it was gross and had no seasoning that I could taste - but it did have seasoning I could see (ew - what was it???). 

I'd walk the 3 blocks to Mythos next time and get something edible and delicious. 

And this gets the first (but definitely not last) 1 star = Not touching that - not even with your mouth! (That's what she said.) (God love Michael Scott!)

What's your favorite Greek/Lebanese place? 

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