My first blog...

I've been exploring all the restaurants in this wonderful city of ours for quite some time - I mean - there's so much more to this world than the one I grew up with in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

I've been contributing my reviews to for some time now but I just don't feel appreciated enough - so I've decided to record my thoughts and expound upon restaurant life in Cincinnati in a greater venue - that's right - a blog that nobody will read!

Actually I hope some people do...

So where do we start? How about with Lavomatic?

I went Tuesday night for the Cincinnati E.A.T.S. gathering - the first of it's kind! If you don't know about E.A.T.S. - check them out. The gathering was fun - there was a great crowd - overwhelmingly women and I think the few men that were there were attached/married. Where are all the single men in Cincinnati? Let me tell you guys - you should be at the next E.A.T.S. event!

But - the food - Lavomatic - oh how I want to like you! But too bad - I don't!

I think we got bread first - it was fine - nothing special. And oh - the butter. Okay - you're a fancy place - do two things for me:

1. soft butter - i mean - come on - i can't spread hard butter on luke warm bread!
2. flavored butter - everybody does it - it's not like jumping off a bridge - it's okay!

Back to the real dinner...

First course - we start with the cold cucumber dill soup. I'm sorry - but this is like a cross between curdled milk and something my cat throws up. I just don't like cold soup. But also - the texture was wanky and I took a few bites and stopped. It grossed me out.

Entree - oooh I had the Amish Chicken. It was really good. Prepared perfectly - very juicy - flavorful sauce - mmm mmm good! The supporting cast was great also - zucchini and veges along with a great chickpea pancake (not the official name - but think of a small potato pancake made with chickpeas instead) - it was bland and yet TASTY! Now my friend had the vegetarian entree of Farro and let me say - it looked like 1/3 of the food that I got. Again - he was very pleased with the dish but I think the bang for the buck award definitely went to the chicken. The patron sharing the table with us got a chicken serving even bigger than mine!

Dessert - Pistachio Pavlova with a citrus curd as well as rhubarb and strawberries. This was just wierd. The bottom (assumedly the "pavlova") was a sticky hunk that couldn't be cut with a spoon. Then this wierd glop of crunchy stuff like a merengue cookie on top that was very bland and then this wonderful citrus curd with chunks of rhubarb in it. I forgot how awesome rhubarb was! Really the curd and rhubarb was the only good thing about this dish. The sticky hard thing wasn't edible and the crunchy merengue part was tasteless. Overall - BLECH!

So - this is my 2nd dining experience with Lavomatic and I wasn't really impressed with either. The food is just hit and miss. I mean - I like wierd food - and I like Jean Robert (Chalk & Pigalls) - I just don't like Lavomatic!

Plus - have you noticed the boxes mounted on the wall behind the bar with broken wine glasses in them? You'd think they just dropped in broken glasses - right? WRONG! They paid someone lots of money to place each individual piece of glass in the box. That's not hip and trendy - that's pretentious and annoying! (An employee relayed this to me while I was there for my first visit.)

So overall - Lavomatic gets a Food Hussy "Eh - I'll go back if you're buying!"

Stay tuned for more rants and raves from me - The Food Hussy!

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