Willie's in Covington

Today was have "lunch with my buddies day" - which is always a good day. They were all about Tiger and his US Open stint so we had to go someplace that had a TV - or a hundred of them. They work in Ft. Mitchell and I work Downtown...so in between the two? WILLIE'S IN COVINGTON!

Bottom line - it's not glamorous - the "hostess" (and I use that term lightly) was a grumpy beyotch and they're slow as God's Dog - but the food is great.

It's bar food - I had a turkey burger with "heart stopper" fries (waffle fries, cheese, bacon, scallions and ranch), one buddy had the full order of the Heart Stopper with a cup of Chicken Tortilla Soup and the other of our trio had hot wings.

How was lunch?

Tiger won and we left full and happy! (And my meal (with soda) was only $8 - it was Burger Monday!)

It's not a magical culinary experience - but for Covington - I'll take that over Tickets any day of the week!

Anybody been there? What do you think? What's your favorite sports bar?

For my rating - for what it is - I'll give it a 3 star = That's like generic mac & cheese - almost perfect - but it's not the blue box!
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