HaHa Pizza - More Like AH-HA!!!! Pizza

Saturday - my friends and I ventured up to Yellow Springs and it was awesome!

When we got there we were STARVING!!!! We were hoping to go to the Sunrise Cafe but they closed at 2pm (????) so we headed down the street to HA HA Pizza.

My brilliant friend John had read about it online and heard good things - BOY WAS HE RIGHT!

We each ventured to the world of whole wheat calzones and suprisingly we all ended up with veggie calzones. There were 4 to choose from - here's the rundown and the order of preference...

#4 Falafel - interesting but not that good - not awful - but fairly bland and nothing stand out
#3 Tofu/Broccoli - good, tasty - but come on - it's tofu!
#2 Bean Burrito - yes in a calzone - it was really great! The only reason it came in 2nd was that it wasn't very "pizza-y" - but it was very bean burrito-y! It was messy and DELISH!
#1 Pesto - this was mine and it was AMAZING! Very very cheesy! The side of haha sauce was excellent. Honestly - people in my party might even argue and say that the bean burrito one was #1. :-)

The whole wheat crust was also excellent!

So - if you venture up to Yellow Springs be sure and make HaHa Pizza a stop!

I give HAHA the 4 star = Oh my...um...wow...I need a minute here...cuz that is amazing! The food is great and the price is awesome ($6.50 per calzone!!)

The day also included a stop at Young's Dairy and Casa Tequila. Here's the quick recap of those:

Young's Dairy - we wanted ice cream and wow - we got that and more! There's so many flavors you can't even make a decision and the entire place smells like waffle cones. Plus - there's a petting zoo, mini-golf (Udders & Putters - ha) and 2 restaurants!

Casa Tequila - on the way home we stopped at my favorite Mexican place and everybody loved it. My favorite is the Fiesta Plate but this time for a lighter choice I tried the seafood quesadilla and it was awesome. The margaritas are strong (and great) and they use REAL crab in their seafood entrees!

Tomorrow I'll write all about my experience at Ron's Roost in Price Hill!!!!

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