The Houston Inn - Blue Hairs Abound!

I was supposed to go to Pitrelli's tonight but they're closed this wanted to go somewhere that wasn't a chain and my friend Craig came up with The Houston Inn in Mason.

Wow - this place is interesting! hahahaha - Have you been?

I was the youngest person by about 40 years! They have a salad bar with over 55 items on it! (I didn't count) It also features a pan of about 100 deviled eggs - which was great since my friend has been known to say "I'd rather shoot myself in the head than eat a deviled egg." He must have had a bad experience as a child with mayonnaise.

So I had the night's special - crab cakes. Now with your meal ($13.95) you get the salad bar, 2 sides (tonight's vegetable and yams were my selections) and bread (rolls and southern "non-sweet" cornbread). That's a bargain!

The crab cakes were rather bready, the yams didn't really need to be chewed, the stewed tomatoes were out of a can and the salad bar was - well - a salad bar (it was good). The salad bar had lots of salads, cheeses, dressings, etc... not many vegetables.

My friends had fettucini alfredo with mushrooms (she liked it) and 2 prime ribs (medium was moreso medium rare and an end cut which was well well well well done and unrecognizable).

The "ambiance" was just a banquet room with booths and tables that smelled of Old Spice and Preparation H.

Overall I'll give it a 2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying!

If you know or need to dine out with some old people - go to Houstons! Although we didn't try the frog legs which is what they're known for. But I can't fathom all the poor little frogs going around the bottom of the pond in wheelchairs.

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