Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not a restaurant - but still a review - of THE BEST SALAD DRESSING EVER!

Okay - I'm going to sound like a Wish-Bone commercial here for a moment...but bear with me. 

I just tried some amazing salad dressing...and here's the crazy part...


Literally - 2 tablespoons are 20 calories and no fat. On Weight Watchers - that's 0 points! Now I always use more - but even with 4 Tbsp. that's 1 pt!!!!! 

The dressing is incredibly flavorful and has lots of chunks of veggies in it - which I love! 

So - the next time you're at the grocery store - pick some up. It's really really good! 

Seriously - I'm traditionally a "give me the fat ass thickest I can stand a celery stick up in it ranch" kind of girl but not any more!!!!! 

Okay - Wish-Bone commercial is over... but it definitely gets the 4 star = Oh my...um...wow...I need a minute here...cuz that is amazing! 
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