Twice in 1 Day and I LOVED IT!!! And they sure are Friendly!

So I'm finally reviewing one of my favorite places in Cincinnati...The Friendly Stop! It's in Glendale and is located across the street from the mainstay of the area - the Grand Finale.

I was working the Glendale Art Fair with a friend of mine and was blessed with a fabulous Friendly Stop burger for lunch! They are so awesome and at the fair they were only $3! At the actual restaurant - I think they're $4 and that comes with chips. The burgers are sooo good! The meat is fresh and not frozen and is very tasty! It is truly a delightful burger at a bargain basement price.

Then after the fair was over we decided to have dinner - where else? The Friendly Stop!

Their menu is fairly broad for such a tiny restaurant/bar! You walk in and there are license plates hanging on all the walls and fun signs and decor. It's a very small bar at first glance...but then you'll find there is a back room behind the bar and there's a patio outside (although I haven't seen that yet).

The menu varies from "home cooked items" such as ribs, meatloaf and ribeye. The steak is $8 with 2 sides. EIGHT BUCKS. Did you hear me???? EIGHT BUCKS! The sandwich menu varies from ruebens and philly steak to burgers burgers burgers. The specialty of the house - a garlic burger! If you like garlic - get the garlic burger!

I always recommend their specials - the mac & cheese is homemade, soups and desserts are great, etc... The other item to note - they have a great black bean burger! So vegetarians are not left out!

The other big selling point of The Friendly Stop - the drinks! Beer is cheap! So what else could you want?

Oh - I should reference the photo - I had the whisky river BBQ sandwich. It was HUGE! I had to eat it with a fork. The sauce is very thick and dark and not that sweet. It's really good but definitely a dark sauce. I also recommend you get a side of the BBQ sauce to dip the chips into. So good! The cole slaw - also great!

We also ordered hot wings as an appetizer and man oh man! They were spicy and salty and just delicious. Fairly small wings but sooooo tasty!

The place was packed and yet we had fabulous FRIENDLY service (of course) and the bill for 3 people with 3 pitchers, hot wings and 3 entrees was $40. THAT IS A BARGAIN!

So next time you're around I-75 - hit the Sharon Rd exit and head for the Friendly Stop!

They definitely get the 4 star rating from me - great food and an even better price!

Friendly Stop Cafe

985 Congress Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45246

(513) 771-7427

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My new quest - AWESOME AND CHEAP!!! First stop - Bluebird in Norwood

So I've been on this wonderful food quest in the city of Cincinnati for some time now. I think I've explored nearly every darned "fancy" place in the city! There might be some I've missed - so feel free to send those my way. But now - I have a new quest.

I want to find the best of the best in awesome cheap food. So what's your favorite dive? Where should I go?

My sister and I were hungry this past Sunday and decided to hit the town for some breakfast. For some reason PRidge Chili wasn't open (damn power!) and we headed to Norwood.

We stopped in front of Anna's (no website) and the prices are cheap cheap cheap. But, we walked in and the sign said no checks, no credit cards. So - out we went. On our way to the ATM - we found Bluebird Restaurant!

The photo above is a shot of their jukeboxes at each table - yes - this place is old school! But old school in a clean and pretty way! The decor is that of a diner right out of the movie Pleasantville. The waitresses were friendly, the menu was plentiful and the atmosphere was familial. There were obviously some "regulars" and the counter spots were very quaint.

Would the food live up to the atmosphere?


To the left, you'll see my breakfast, yeah - pretty much heart attack on a plate (I never said cheap would be healthy).

I ordered 2 over easy eggs, hashbrowns with cheese, bacon (cooked medium - not crispy by request) and a 1/2 order of biscuits and gravy. That's the Bluebird Special and damn was it tasty!!!!

The eggs were perfectly cooked...the biscuits and gravy was EXCELLENT, the hashbrowns were cooked but not too crispy and oh the bacon!!! Normally - you get 2 withered pieces of bacon that are crispy and burnt (IMHO). I like bacon a little undercooked from most places...I mentioned that and the waitress immediately said "Oh, you want the bacon medium." YES I WANT THE BACON MEDIUM! I was so excited - nobody ever acknowledged my love of undercooked bacon so readily!

So yes - the food was great!!! The price for 2 breakfasts and 2 sodas (my sister ordered an omelette) was $16. So it wasn't "cheap" - but it was good and for a diner - it was so friendly and not "greasy" like so many of them can be!

My only complaint - it was about 35 degrees! So - get down to the Bluebird Restaurant in Norwood - across from Surrey Square - just be sure to take a sweater or a jacket!

The rating for Bluebird is going to be:

3 star = That's like generic mac & cheese - almost perfect - but it's not the blue box!

Mainly because it doesn't meet the cheap factor to make it really stand out amongst the world of breakfast spots. But - I'm definitely going back! My mom will love it!

Bluebird Restaurant

4629 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45212
(513) 351-2427

Bluebird on Urbanspoon

Sweet Basil - more like Sweet Jesus this is a long lunch! But the sushi is good...

At work we have instituted Fancy Lunch Day - about once/month we pick a "fancy" place and head out to lunch! It's not always ultra-fancy but remember - it's Cincinnati. We've been to Greenup, JeanRo, Nada and a few this day we all were craving sushi!!!! We headed out to Buttermilk Pike in NKY and went to Sweet Basil.

Erica was up for Tofu Pad Thai while the rest of us were ready for SUSHI TIME!

It's a cute little restaurant and were were enjoying the atmosphere. There's ample parking and it's a nice place. But now - the food!

As I said, one of our party had the Tofu Pad Thai and I have to say - it was great! I'm not a big tofu fan but I tasted a little cube and it was good! Nice and crispy.

The other 3 of us ordered sushi - 2 got the sushi combos but I was adventurous and ordered a couple of rolls.

The photo above is mine - I had a Tiger Roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll. They were really tasty and I definitely enjoyed every bite.

So - the food is solid at Sweet Basil. We all enjoyed our dishes. I have to say though - the price was a bit high for sushi. My bill for 2 rolls was $20...

The biggest issue - which I'm saving for the end - was timing and service. They were extremely slow and all four of us got our meals at different times. To me - that's just silly - we're 4 people on a Wednesday at lunch and it wasn't busy. The pad thai came at least 15 minutes before anything else! Then my sushi came and then 10 minutes later - sushi #2 and 5 minutes later - sushi #3.

I'm going to give Sweet Basil a 2.5 stars mainly because of service and price. It was okay - but RuThai's in Mt Lookout is quicker and more affordable and I like their rolls better.

Sweet Basil
Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar

2331 Buttermilk Crossing,
Crescent Springs, KY 41017
Phone: (859) 331-0666

Sweet Basil on Urbanspoon

Great Food Debate (via skinny fat chick via Wine Me Dine Me)

I saw this on skinny fat chick today and had to partake

Coke or Pepsi? Coke Zero - thankfully some restaurants are actually getting it!

Thick crust or thin for your Pizza? thin thin thin

Rare or Well Done for you steak? Mooing

Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? 50/50 - I love them both - depends on the look of home hot picnics usually hamburgers

Ketchup or Mustard on your hot dog? hot dog relish (mustard & relish mix)

Cake or Pie? cake - always cake - cupcakes actually are the best

Brownies with a fine, glossy crust, or soft cake brownies? glossy crust, but i like the middle piece - no crispy edges

Nuts in the brownies? Sure!

Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? Chocolate

Blue cheese or ranch dressing with your Buffalo wings? ranch!

Soup or Salad? Dewey's salad (can i be that specific?)

Butter on your Popcorn? Lots of butter, preferably in layers (fill the bucket halfway, add butter, fill the bucket up, top with more butter) and lots of salt! (just kept that from skinny - perfection!)

Pork or Beef barbecue? Pork - no question

Coffee or tea? Soda - all the way (oh I guess I say soda - but I'm from Iowa)

Beer from a can or a bottle? bottle...

Oreos or Hydrox? Oreos

Little Debbie or Hostess? Zingers - pink with coconut!

Bacon or Sausage? Bacon. With an extra side of bacon. (skinny said that - I agree - and oh yeah - can I get extra bacon?) But the real question - how do you like your bacon? I do NOT like it crispy - yucko!

Eggs Scrambled or Fried? Over-easy is my fav but I can't eat it without toast

Restaurant Week Organizers - Tips for 2009!

Okay - last week was Restaurant Week as you could tell by my blog. I went out 4 out of 5 days and have some thoughts... So after all the photos and's an open letter to Restaurant Week restaurants and organizers...

1. Treat the patrons like you would your full-price customers! I don't like feeling like a 2nd class citizen because I'm getting "a deal". What do I mean by this? Service - keep it up just like you would any other time! Let us sit in the regular part of the restaurant - give us the full experience! If I like you (Hugo Hugo Hugo) - I'll definitely be back!!!

2. Fork over some bread - good lord people - you can't even give up a little basket of bread? When you make me wait 20 minutes for the first course - I'M KINDA HUNGRY! Okay - part two of this - make the bread good! Or at least have some flavored butter or something - warm it up - add some salt on the outside (Walt's Hitching Post) - something! There is NOTHING worse than dry cold bread with a rock hard scoop of butter that cannot be spread if my life depended on it!

3. Vegetarians like fancy food too! Only ONE restaurant featured an all-vegetarian possibility for a menu (Yeah! Andy's). Now - others would substitute if you asked but I know 2 vegetarians that didn't even bother because they didn't think there weren't any options for them!

4. Service Service Service - waiting 20+ minutes between courses is simply ridiculous. It sure doesn't make me want to come back.

5. Your desserts are fabulous - they're unique and interesting and very tasty. Keep it up!

6. Re: #5 - Can we now do that same thing with the entrees? I mean - if you're going to serve steak - that's great - we understand that - but make something special! Don't just give us mashed potatoes and plain old grilled veges with it! (Again - kudos to Hugo!)

7. Change up the menu! Nothing is more disappointing than being giddy about restaurant week and getting reservations to your favorite restaurant and then when you get there - with all your friends - with all the anticipation of a child at Christmas looking at the big huge box that looks just the right size for that brand new pink bike they've dreamed about - you find out it's the EXACT SAME MENU AS LAST TIME! Cuz let me tell you - when that box didn't have a pink bike in it - I was PISSED!

8. Add the lunch deal! Many cities have a special rate for lunch specials during RW too - try that out next time!

9. Give us a way to tell our friends! Yes - even with all my complaints - I love to spread the word about Restaurant Week. Make a handy-dandy little "send to a friend" on your website. If you don't know how - let me know - I know people. (Seriously - I do!)

10. Give people that write a food blog entitled Food Hussy a special table with flowers and cards and dancing men. (Hey - it can't hurt to throw it out there!)

So there you have it - Restaurant Week peeps - read and take it all in!

And now - a few personal RW awards:

Best of the Best: Hugo's steak - melt in your mouth, unique flavor, great combo
Biggest Disappointment: Daveed's steak - 1/2 fat, 1/2 ribeye
Dessert I can't forget: Bella Luna's Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding (so unique)
* Honorable mention to Jag's for their brownie/ice cream

So - all of you that went to RW somewhere? What did you think? Do you agree with any of my Top 10? (Especially #10 - come on!!!!)

Talk to me...

Day 4 of Restaurant Week - A Deflating and Slow End

(I can't make these pics line up - sorry!)

As soon as Restaurant Week was announced - my friend Scott wanted to go to finally we make the reservation to go to Jags. Then the day of - he says - eh - I don't wanna go. I nearly beat him!

But we went - and it was a mixed bag of tricks.

First course - he had the scallop (3rd photo) - very pretty, tasted good. I'm now a scallop snob...they just aren't doing it for me any more.

They're always cooked well and interesting but they've lost their wow. I had the tomato bisque with a mini grilled cheese panini (2nd photo). This was great! The bisque had some bite to it - as in - it was a little spicy and had some pieces in it! The grilled cheese panini was very delish as well! There was spinach, tomato and multiple cheeses!

Main course - we were a mixed bag. Scott got the veal ravioli - he wasn't impressed. Jen #1 got the vegetarian substitution and said it was borderline bad (I guess their normal vegetarian selection is very good - this was some sort of vegetable ravioli and wasn't good). Jen #2 and I went for the Chateaubriand (steak) - we weren't impressed. The steak was barely medium rare- more medium to my taste. It was also very dry and very bland. The mashed potatoes were fine - but nothing special, the asparagus - eh - no flavor - no seasoning. Basically - none of us liked our 2nd course.

Dessert - 3 of us got the brownie with peanut butter ice cream - PERFECTION (picture #1). The brownie was warm and soft and amazing - exactly how a brownie should be. The peanut butter ice cream was delightful - not too strong but just enough flavor to compliment the brownie.

(Side note - desserts have been very good at RW - now if they can just work on their entrees! Hugo, Bella Luna and Jags - all excellent desserts - unique, flavorful and just damn good!)

Lastly - we have to address the service. It sucked. The waitress was fine - but it was ridiculously slow. We waited 15+ minutes from our reservation time for our table (they weren't packed by then), then 15+ minutes to order, 30 minutes to get our first course and at least 20 minutes between 1st and 2nd courses. Waiting for checks nearly caused narcolepsy. I shot the waitress a look between 1st & 2nd and the manager came over to check on us - but she was overly fake and what are you going to say at that point "um - that was crazy slow - give us $10 off our bill?". We just nodded and smiled...

So - 1st course and 3rd course - 3.5 stars.

2nd course and service - 1 star.

I guess that's a 2.25 star average...

5980 West Chester Rd.
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Jag's Steak & Seafood on Urbanspoon

Day 3 of Restaurant Week - back to boredom

Friday night I ventured out to Bella Luna in Columbia Tusculum for Restaurant Week. I went out with my girlfriends. It was again 3 courses for $28.08.

My issue with RW is that at some of the restaurants - it's not really a "deal". But I have to say Bella Luna was generous on portions. They also allowed you to add on a salad for $1 - it wasn't anything special - but the house dressing is very very interesting - thick like molasses - but tasty.

I got Mozzarella in Carozza ($6.99), Lobster & Crab Ravioli ($18.99 for full dinner portion - I'm guessing this was 1/2 that) and Pork Calabrese ($20.99 - probably not full size meat portion).

Here are some pics:

Is there anything you notice that's in all 3 pics? TOO DAMN MUCH PARSLEY!!!!!

Gordon Ramsey said - if you can't eat it - don't put it on the plate. I'm not eating a bitter ass leaf of parsley. And it was all over everything - gak! It's very old school.

So - let's break it down - course 1 - mozzerella sandwich. It was okay - the bread was a bit soggy strangely enough on one side...the cheese was tasty and the marinara was really tasty - it was the sweet chunky light type - which I like.

Course 2 - lobster & crab ravioli - meh - nothing special. There wasn't much flavor - mush mouth. Too much parsley. Was real crab and lobster though...

Course 3 - well by this point - we were all full - but I did eat half. The pork was dry, the risotto was pretty good - very cheesy and the veges were fine. Nothing with much flavor really.

Overall - a disappointment - the first course was my favorite of the 3 (but wait - dessert gets better!). It's old school Italian but is a bit pricey. I mean - I'd rather go to Pompilio's for the price.

Onto dessert - the tray is just completely full of fabulousness. They are all homemade except for a cake they ship in from Brooklyn! It looked decadent but we were extremely full. They are also very well known for their Bread Pudding (won awards at Taste). So the desserts are tiramasu, canoli, 2 types of bread pudding, etc...

They had a trio flight that had tiramasu, mini-cannoli and bread pudding. We ordered 2 of the flights: one with traditional bread pudding and one with chocolate chip bread pudding.

By far the star of the flight with 4 votes was the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. It was decadent and amazing!!!!

Another final note on service: the owner (I'm guessing) stopped by and interrupted our conversation with a story of his own that lasted at least 15 minutes. It was a little off-putting. I mean - 2-3 minutes is fine and welcome but 15 - oye - enough already. BUT on the other end - our server was great - (Lanette I think) - she was friendly, attentive and knowledgeable - just the perfect amount of everything.

Overall - giving it a 2 star (2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying!) for all the food and 4 star for the dessert.

My best reco is to go to Terry's Turf Club for an awesome burger and then hit up Bella Luna for some great chocolate chip bread pudding! (Ask for Lanette's table - cuz she was great!)

Bella Luna Cafe

4632 Eastern Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 871-5862

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Day 2 of Restaurant Week - SUCCESS!

Thankfully - night 2 of Restaurant Week was a success!

Tonight, we headed to Hugo in Oakley! I've been dying to go just never had the special occasion needed to check it out.

So - for $28.08 - there were a lot of options! I had the corn fritters, frisse and hangar steak. So let's break it down...

First course - that's what you'll see to the left. Top to bottom - fried green tomatoes: they were good - not great but pretty good. Middle - pork belly - meh - it was okay. Everybody says a great pork bellly is to die for - I just haven't had it yet. Bottom - corn fritters: delish! The blob on the right was a flavored butter (I think maybe honey) and the left was chili jam. They were light and airy and very flavorful.

Second course - the frisse was great. It had so many complex flavors - apple, spicy dressing, blue cheese, etc... the frisse wasn't bitter either - which was nice.

Third course - they were out of the swordfish and had substituted with salmon. I tasted it and it was really tasty. Cooked perfectly - excellent execution. I had the hangar steak and it was AMAZING! The meat was medium rare and nearly fell apart, served with mushrooms on a sweet potato mash...just fabulous!

Then - we went for dessert and split a Huguenot Torte. It was like a walnut pecan pie tasting sort of thing - with maple ice cream on top. It was DELISH!!! Although - very very tiny.

So the food? Miles ahead of Daveed's from last night! Miles and miles and MILES!

The service? Excellent as well - plates were cleared very quickly, silverware was exchanged out every time, etc...

The only things missing to me: amuse bouche and bread - come on! Lastly - let us sit in the restaurant instead of the bar! You weren't busy and those damn bar stools suck!

BUT - overall - very very good. Interesting flavors and I definitely want to go back and try the shrimp & grits! I tried to swap it this time but they wouldn't go for it... But I'm excited to try it again!!!!

So - 3.5 stars! The food was unique, the service was great and it brought redemption back to Restaurant Week.

Hugo Restaurant
3235A Madison Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45209
(513) 321-4846

Day 1 of Restaurant Week - a bit of a disappointment

Well - I explored Daveed's in Mt. Adams for the first night of Restaurant Week and have to say I was very underwhelmed.

First of all - for one of the priciest spots in town - can they get a better website??? That thing is ancient! It's 2008 people! It's not like the lack of a fancy website is keeping their prices down...

Okay - so marketing bitterness aside - the menu was:

We started with an amuse bouche of gazpacho of some kind...meh it was fine. How stunning can a drink of cold soup be?

(Side note: my pictures were blurry so I didn't both uploading them - I'll do better tonight at Hugo)

First course: Chilled Silver Queen Corn Soup
w/avocado, crème fraiche and cumin popped corn

This was great for the first 2-3 bites. One of our party didn't like it at all. I loved it - at first - but then it got to be way too rich. After about 5-6 bites - I was done and it was almost turning on me. It was a very generous portion.

Second course: Pan Seared Sea Scallops
w/cannelini beans, frisse and brown butter truffle caper

This was the best course of the evening. There was also golden raisins that plumped up in the sauce - well at least 1 - because it was in my bowl and was a welcome surprise. I thought this was good and the scallop was very large. A friend said he thought the mushy of the beans didn't contrast enough with the softness of the scallop - so take it for what it's worth. He did also
agree - this was the best course of the night. (I can be a real food snob when I want to be - I mean - I love a great $4 burger from Friendly Stop - but when I'm paying 8X that - I want more!)

Third course: Grilled Smoked Paprika Ribeye

w/Daveed’s A1 Sauce, white cheddar gratin of potato &
roasted garlic broccolini

Lastly the ribeye. Well - it was cooked perfectly! was very very fatty - which I know - ribeyes usually are a fattier cut - but this was a bit ridiculous. Every person had a palm sized portion of fat that they had cut from their meat. I would have rather had a leaner, thicker piece of meat that was smaller (that's what she said - come on!).

The broccolini was bland and flavorless. The gratin was pretty good - a little undercooked but tasty.

They also had a fettucini bolognese that one of our party of 7 got - forgot to ask him how it was. Ron - maybe you can post it in the comments! :-)

We were too full for dessert and none of them really wowed us. That was ala carte and the prices ranged from $8-$20.

But overall...I just wasn't that excited. The only thing that was mildly interesting and unique was the first course - which was far too rich after just a few bites. The scallop - while good - was a typical fancy scallop dish and the steak was standard and fatty.

I was really hoping for more and it doesn't make me want to go back.

My friend also complained about the atmosphere - to him - the fancy of Pigall's helps with the wow factor. It's elegant, the service is amazing, etc... I can see his point. This is more quaint - yet - still pretty pricey.

Also - service wasn't great. Our server was very nice and funny (we were a loud bunch) - but it was VERY slow. There was probably 15 minutes between each course and the plates sat in front of us at the end for at least another 20 minutes.

So overall - because of what I expect for the price - I'm going with a
2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying!

Cheese boulders and more!

Okay - so I didn't have the Cheese Boulders on this outing - but man - how can you not mention them? I mean - literally it's a fried ball of cheese - and they give you more than one!!!

Yes - I'm talking about the one and only Buckhead Mountain Grill in Newport. It's in the little nook that also houses Don Pablos and Joe's Crab Shack.

We went today in celebration of a coworker that's having a baby tomorrow. Well - Matt's not actually having the baby - his wife is. Yeah for Matty! He's got about 12 hours of peace, quiet and money in his bank account left!

You know - they do have salads on the menu - but man - how can I get a salad when there's all this completely unhealthy good stuff staring at me? I wish I could go to the willpower store and buy a lifetime subscription...cuz I have none!

I started with tortilla soup because it was about 20 below zero inside...why is it that the AC needs to be set to "North Pole" in August? It was fine - mediocre - cheese, chicken and a little spicy - barely spicy really.

Then I ordered the meatloaf with macaroni & cheese. I'm not a big mashed potatoes and gravy fan - so I opted for the M&C. The meat loaf was pretty good - I'd rather have a smaller portion of meat loaf and actually have some vegetables with it.

I was just so cold inside that the meatloaf sounded good. I should have gotten the soup with a salad but damn the M&C was calling my name. The M&C was good too - a bit oily - like it had sat around a while - but the flavor was cheesy and good.

Overall - this is an uninspired review for an uninspired meal. The service was fine - quick enough but the guy wasn't very pleasant. He acted pissy when we said there was only 6 instead of 8 - guess he was counting on a bigger tip...

It's not a place I choose to go - but when I do go - I'm not really disappointed or happy - it was fine.

I'll give it 2 star = Eh, I'll go back if you're buying! Nobody bought but I didn't pick it either...

Buckhead Mountain Grill

35 Fairfield Ave
Bellevue, KY 41073
(859) 491-7333

Buckhead Mountain Grill on Urbanspoon


I was having dinner with a couple of friends for one's birthday and we were in Latonia/Covington heading for Newport for the evening. So rather than head to some same old same old Newport on the Levee restaurant we decided to hit a classic of Covington - Walt's Hitching Post.

I've driven by Walt's 100x and always wanted to go - it's just one of those places that I'm fascinated by! Now - let it be known - this is NOT the same Hitching Post in Hyde Park. This Hitching Post looks like the old school old people restaurant. It definitely is that!

I went a couple of weeks ago - so my memory of the meal is a bit off - but I do remember a few things...

THE BREAD THE BREAD THE BREAD!!! They start you with a basket of salted rye - and it's pre-buttered even! This is the most amazing bread - it's warm, a little toasted and has big hunks of pretzel salt on the edges. John and I are a bit embarrassed by the fact that we ate one basket EACH!!!! OMG - ummmm...that's a lot of damn bread! But it was sooooo good. I can't wait for more of that!

The side dishes were average - the salad was very average. I did get Mac & Cheese as a side and it was tasty - but come on - when isn't Mac & Cheese tasty????

I was in the mood for cow and so I ordered myself a big honkin' steak! I ordered the petite ribeye rare/medium rare and it was cooked PERFECTLY!

My friend's orders were both good as well - John got salmon which also looked delicious and my friend Lou ordered a hamburger and actually ate it! She's THE PICKIEST EATER ever - so a hamburger that she'll eat - definitely a bonus! (Her blog is called "My Weblog" and is linked from my site.)

Their specialty is ribs but none of us were in the mood...but I'd definitely go back for the steak. It was about $14.95 (I think) and was perfect! Plus they had my favorite condiment for steak - Worcestershire sauce - I can't say it but I can spell it!

Next time I want a great steak - or maybe ribs - I'm definitely heading back - and I'm getting my own basket of bread!

I think I'll give it a 3 - if the sides were better I'd bump it up...

Walt's Hitching Post
3300 Madison Pike
Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017
(859) 331-0494

Walt's Hitching Post on Urbanspoon