Day 4 of Restaurant Week - A Deflating and Slow End

(I can't make these pics line up - sorry!)

As soon as Restaurant Week was announced - my friend Scott wanted to go to finally we make the reservation to go to Jags. Then the day of - he says - eh - I don't wanna go. I nearly beat him!

But we went - and it was a mixed bag of tricks.

First course - he had the scallop (3rd photo) - very pretty, tasted good. I'm now a scallop snob...they just aren't doing it for me any more.

They're always cooked well and interesting but they've lost their wow. I had the tomato bisque with a mini grilled cheese panini (2nd photo). This was great! The bisque had some bite to it - as in - it was a little spicy and had some pieces in it! The grilled cheese panini was very delish as well! There was spinach, tomato and multiple cheeses!

Main course - we were a mixed bag. Scott got the veal ravioli - he wasn't impressed. Jen #1 got the vegetarian substitution and said it was borderline bad (I guess their normal vegetarian selection is very good - this was some sort of vegetable ravioli and wasn't good). Jen #2 and I went for the Chateaubriand (steak) - we weren't impressed. The steak was barely medium rare- more medium to my taste. It was also very dry and very bland. The mashed potatoes were fine - but nothing special, the asparagus - eh - no flavor - no seasoning. Basically - none of us liked our 2nd course.

Dessert - 3 of us got the brownie with peanut butter ice cream - PERFECTION (picture #1). The brownie was warm and soft and amazing - exactly how a brownie should be. The peanut butter ice cream was delightful - not too strong but just enough flavor to compliment the brownie.

(Side note - desserts have been very good at RW - now if they can just work on their entrees! Hugo, Bella Luna and Jags - all excellent desserts - unique, flavorful and just damn good!)

Lastly - we have to address the service. It sucked. The waitress was fine - but it was ridiculously slow. We waited 15+ minutes from our reservation time for our table (they weren't packed by then), then 15+ minutes to order, 30 minutes to get our first course and at least 20 minutes between 1st and 2nd courses. Waiting for checks nearly caused narcolepsy. I shot the waitress a look between 1st & 2nd and the manager came over to check on us - but she was overly fake and what are you going to say at that point "um - that was crazy slow - give us $10 off our bill?". We just nodded and smiled...

So - 1st course and 3rd course - 3.5 stars.

2nd course and service - 1 star.

I guess that's a 2.25 star average...

5980 West Chester Rd.
West Chester, Ohio 45069

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