Fried Chicken Fabulousness

So the other night my buddy Scott and his family headed to the Greyhound Tavern in NKY after a big day at Keeneland! They were lucky enough to have me join them! haha

I started out normally with a side salad...nothing interesting there - iceberg lettuce, blah blah blah. The honey mustard was good though. They also had sesame sticks on the salad which is nice crunch.

Then I decided to try the fried chicken for my main dish - I've heard so much about the chicken - I had to get some!

I must also mention the crusty bread - it was perfect! Crusty and soft and served warm with softened butter. Good job Greyhound Tavern!

Before we visit the chicken - lets discuss the sides - pretty bad I have to say. The only plain vegetable they had to offer was mushrooms. (spinach casserole and carrot souffle weren't peaking my interest - gak!) They were kind of tasty but really salty and just an odd "vegetable" side - I mean - broccoli or beans - yes - but mushrooms? Then, the mashed potatoes - gak! They were like the kind I used to have in the Swanson Frozen Dinners as a kid! You remember how they kind of came out all in one chunk and you had to eat them just so your parents would let you have the brownie? Oh man - those brownies were good - but these mashed taters weren't!

But now - the chicken - really great chicken!!!! We got 4 pieces (leg, wing, breast, thigh) and they were perfectly cooked. Extremely flavorful, the seasoning was tasty but not too much of anything! With all the extras - I only ate the leg & wing - so I had 2 pieces left to take home!

All in all - the meal was up and down - great fried chicken - I'd recommend that - and the bread - very very good. The rest - meh...

Then the price - I had a soda, fried chicken and salad and it was $22 - that seems high to me...I just kinda felt like $20+ was a bit much.

Because of the awesomeness of the chicken - I'll go with 3 stars...

Re: atmosphere - I would say it's been well documented as sort of "an old people place" - and that held true...but hey - good fried chicken is good fried chicken! So - if you're looking for a place to take your family - head to the Greyhound Tavern off Buttermilk Pike in NKY.

Greyhound Tavern
2500 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, KY. 41017
(859) 331-3767 (859) 331-3409 (fax)

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