Will they make it?

I felt this was the artsiest of all the photos so we'll start with that.

Today, in between my hip hop classes (yes I teach hip hop - I have to with all the damn restaurants I go to!) I decided to grab a bite with my friend Rachel. We decided since we had just worked out - we should TRY for healthy.

I remembered that the Peapod Cafe had recently opened in my neighborhood! It's next to the library in Pleasant Ridge in the spot formerly occupied by Buster's Pet Palace.

There's my fabulous friend Rachel at the counter! They have a wide selection of tea & smoothies as well as a medium-wide variety of food items - but hey - they have food - so we were happy!

I'm not a smoothie person - I hate yogurt and it all tastes like yogurt. But Rachel got one and I tried a sip - it was good! Not good enough for me to order one - but I didn't spit it out! She liked it very much.

As you'll see by the next photo - they have a nice case of cold beverages. They have the fizzy

drinks but I decided to try Virgil's Rootbeer. Very root berry-ey!

The food is all in the cooler for the most part as well. They have wraps, hummus, a few varieties of salad and quiche. It all looked and sounded good. They are an organic cafe - not sure the extent of that - but there are signs up and everything sounds very healthy!

The wraps are $2.50 but they are fairly small - so I'm guessing one and a cup of soup might do you - or 2 wraps. I had a very hard time deciding - it's really hard for me to turn down hummus...but we both decided to go for the quiche.

I had the pepper quiche (sweet red peppers & swiss cheese) while Rachel had the tomato basil. I really wanted that one but have issues with ordering the same thing as anyone I'm with (thanks for that gift Scott!)

They heat the quiche up - takes 10 min - and it was good. It was juicy (not sure that's a good way to describe it - but it wasn't dry). It was heavy on the pepper - and by that I mean - black pepper - I'm not a fan and it had a lot. Also - there wasn't much cheese. Problem is when your only veggie is pepper - it needs a little something else or more cheese. Rachel really enjoyed her tomato/basil. They also had a spinach quiche...maybe I should have gotten that.

All in all - it was a pleasant lite lunch. $8 for me - $11 for Rachel.

I'm a big fan of any business that starts up in Pleasant Ridge - it's a budding neighborhood and we need more fun things like Emanu and Pleasant Perk.

I also want to mention - they strongly support the community and have community events such as music, etc...

BUT - I think there are a few issues that have me worried for the Peapod...

1. Their hours - 11-4 Tuesday-Friday and 11-7 on Saturday. Really? That's what killed Ridge Market - crappy hours. You know how nice it would be to stop by quick on my way to dance class after work when I have literally the 15 minute if I hope to eat before 8pm? But no - they close at 4. Then they aren't open on Sunday? When do I have a leisurely day? Usually Sunday!

2. The prices - $8 for a quiche and a soda...$11 for a quiche soda & small smoothie - seems a bit high.

3. Pleasant Perk is a block away - do we need another smoothie place? Perk has coffee...not sure about their food selection. We need a nice little lunch spot and quick dinner spot - but another smoothie place?

So Peapod gets a 2.5 stars from me. I liked the food - but the price and the hours bring it down for me. I guess Peapod if you're listening - I hope you read this openly and think about my constructive criticism. You have a cute place - I'd love for it to make it.

Peapod Cafe
6227 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45213
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