Top Chef Night 2 - Spoiler Alert

This will be a shorter blog than the first one - cuz I'm tired and just got home from the 18th Supper Club!!! What a fun time!!!!! Well - until we left - we got pulled over right out front of the door of the party! Ugh - mortified! We went the wrong way on a one way - it's OTR and I had no idea...But Supper Club - fun time, great food, even better company!

Okay - Top Chef - Rhadika "Cincinnati Girl #2" wins the hot dog challenge!!!! They had to make hot dogs - like MAKE them! I wouldn't even know where to begin!!!! There seemed to be some good ones!!!

Now they have to create a "New American" lunch menu...Surfer boy steps up and organizes the group - thank goodness! There's an appetizer group, entree group and dessert group. Observations:

* Fabio is hot - that voice.
* Ostrich eggs - WTF? That's a big ass egg!
* "I'm not a baker" - then why are you in the dessert group????
* Wow - cooking at Craft! NICE!
* Judges are NY Chefs that didn't make the show - MUWAHAHAHAHA!
* Fabio needs a tan - where's Tanlicious from Project Runway?
* WTF was he talking about olives?
* Bitter chefs with a big old side of bitter butter!
* That lady looks like Beeker

* Fabio and his olives are different
* I want the spoon cornbread
* Chocolate wontons = yummm
* Avocado mousse = blech
* Fabio is an idiot! He sounds like Borat...
* "I just wanted to celebrate the season" - what a bunch of hooey!
* So were they olives or not?
* Hosea and his bad crab
* Ariane and that overly sweet crap
* Padma spits...hahahaha
* Jill and her crappe quiche
* As my friend said, "Jill swallowed a big bucket of duh"

Damn - Jill and her crappe quiche got the boot! I thought for sure Ariane would get das boot!

So back to Supper Club - what a fun time!!!! I really enjoyed it - I hope all the folks that were there stop by my blog and say hi!
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