Top Chef - Episode 5 - Oh Danny Boy

Okay - this will be quick since it's a few days late -

Annoying blonde girl with the bad bangs said the stupidest thing ever!

"This isn't a game - it's the biggest competition of my life."


Quickfire is a tasting thing - it's like Name That Tune for ingredients:

Daniel vs. Hosea - ha - Danny doesn't know Name That Tune and said the same bid...
Arianne vs. Jeff - nothing notable - Arianne wins cuz Jeff screwed up
Stephan vs. Jamie - salt & pepper - hahaha
Eugene vs. Leah - Leah by default
Radika vs. Fabio - Radika
Carla Beeker vs. Bangs - Carla

I.E. none of the people in the last 3 are going home since we saw them for 2 seconds.

Hosea vs. Arianne - Hosea
Stephan vs. Leah - Stephan (did 8 - wow)
Radhika vs. Carla - Carla by default

Mole sauce is down to Hosea, Stephen, Carla

She's out on peanut butter - hahahaha...
Stephan is out on tomato paste...

Elimination Challenge - cooking for Gail's bridal shower

Oh the bitter lesbian - complaining about doing something for a wedding. And she's lying about "borrowing" already.

Fabio saying there is "no freakin blue food" - hahahahaha!

Beeker is hooting at her team.

Danny is lifting weights on the deck...

Okay - I know who goes and I'm kinda suprised that it's not Eugene with this idea of building their own sushi.

hahaha - Arianne beat Jamie and Jeff - hahahahahahah - Good for her!!!!

"None of us expected anybody but me to win" - Jamie (wow!)

Bye bye chops!
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