Oh Mr. Red Lobster - Have I become a Red Snobster??????

Not a restaurant - but still a review - of THE BEST SALAD DRESSING EVER!

A nice walk and some pasta - what could be better????

Attn: 1976 - Your table is ready at The Pine Club

Mrs. Hicks???? You be the judge!

Ingredients - well duh - obviously it has ingredients!

35th Birthday and Taylor Hicks - what could be better? No really - I'm giddy about it!

Date #2 - Dinner and a good time???? Let's discuss - the sushi at least!

Better than Zips????? It is possible...for the most part...

Is that a Pizza Hut? Well - kinda...

two Two TWO times the blog! Via Vite & Ron's Roost

HaHa Pizza - More Like AH-HA!!!! Pizza

Fancy Fancy Lunch at The Palace!

The Houston Inn - Blue Hairs Abound!

One Oafus Coworker