Allure, Cactus Pear, OPG, Cilantro, Ban Thai - It's a marathon review!

So I ate out a million times in the past couple of weeks - so I'm going to smush them all together into one review. I'll show the best pic of the group and then give my brief review and rating on each.

8300 Market Place Lane
Montgomery, Ohio 45242-5332
Tel: (513) 891-0120

To the left was my split of shrimp & crab risotto & lamb chops. A friend and I decided to split two entrees and it was a good decision.

Allure is near Camargo Cadillac and Go Bananas - it's a bit hidden.

The atmosphere is nice...the location is cute - I really like all the shops and lakes, etc... The wait staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. The food is good... Everything is good and solid - nothing was "ew" but nothing was AMAZING. If you're looking for a fancy meal for a special occasion and you live on this side of town - I would go to Allure. It's not cheap - without drinks - expect to spend $40/person.

Allure: 3 stars from the Food Hussy

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Cactus Pear
9500 Kenwood Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 791-4424
To the left I think is the mole - I hate mole but the picture was the best of the bunch.

CP is an odd Mexican place because it's sort of Mexican-ish. I like the Nacho Salad - it's beans with nachos on top and then a salad on top of that. It's awesome!

The one in Blue Ash has a nicer, brighter atmosphere. The one in Clifton is dark but quaint. Price is between $10-15/entree. It's not a first choice ever, but if you're in that area looking for's a choice. I'm not a big fan of their beans - they aren't cooked enough.

The star is the salsa - it's a roasted tomato salsa and it looks terrible but tastes amazing!!! Lots of flavor. The outside seating is nice in the summer as well.

Cactus Pear: 2.5 stars from the Food Hussy

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Oakley Pub & Grill
3924 Isabella Ave
Hyde Park, OH 45209
(513) 531-2500

To the left is the veggie wrap from OPG. It's a great bar spot in Oakley...very comfortable and fun. That wrap was delightful!

The atmosphere is cute and fun - can be a little tight if it's packed. The wait staff is always fun (and pretty cute). The price is very fair and comparable to Habits, Arthurs, etc...

The pizza is sooooooooo cheesy! It's very simple and tasty - but if you like cheese - GET THE PIZZA! The burgers are good as well...really haven't had anything bad there! All sandwiches, etc... are approx $10.

OPG: 3 stars from the Food Hussy

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2516 Clifton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 281-1732

Vietnamese food - to the left is my noodle bowl with shrimp. Cilantro is in the campus area of Clifton...near a lot of other restaurants and around the corner from Bogarts.

The price is a bargain, the owner is very cute (call me if you see this!) and it's very unique. My biggest reco is to BEWARE OF THE SPICY! The sauces on the table are very spicy and you should add them sparingly.

The location doesn't have much ambiance - it's very tiny - but it's kind of fun to sit at the counter. Darin was a treat (as I mentioned) and the price is less than $10.

I really enjoyed it - it's not someplace I'd go often unless I was in the area moreso. For me it's a drive and a fight with parking but if you're in Clifton - check it out! Vietnamese is a fun change.

Cilantro: 3 stars from the Food Hussy

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Ban Thai
792 Eastgate South Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45245
(513) 752-3200

To the left is my Drunken Noodles with the linguine.

Ban Thai is way the hell out by Eastgate Mall...the guy that is the chef at Orchids said this is his famiily's favorite spot so we decided to try it.

Meh - it's fine. If you live in that area - it's a good Thai place. But I'm in Thai heaven so I won't go that far again.

The ambiance is sterile and the prices are $10-15. The quantity is abundant! I definitely have enough for tomorrow's lunch. But I'll stick with Ruthai's and Mekong.

Ban Thai: 2 stars from the Food Hussy if you live in the Pleasant Ridge area like me

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Wow - that was a marathon! Feel bad for my wallet too! Hey - coming up - it's Restaurant Week so we'll have updates every day from that if my fingers can handle it!
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