Restaurant Week Night 5 - Red, Hyde Park

Sunday night, the final night of Restaurant Week, we headed out to Red in Hyde Park Square. I'd never been...kinda think it's silly to pay that much $$ for a steak - I mean - I can cook steak! But when it's a deal and it's Restaurant Week - what the hell?!

I'll have you know - over the past couple of years - I've become picky as hell when it comes to restaurants. The service, the food, the menu, the website, etc... heck - I nitpick the stickers on the light fixtures.

That said - we had EXCELLENT service at Red! EXCELLENT! Jason and Jason took great care of us. Jason #1 is the maitre'd that recently came to Red from Aqua - he was very friendly, recognized one Aqua regular at our table and was interested in my blog (kiss up!). Jason #2 was our server - he was FABULOUS and way hot. (psst...I'm single)

So first, we're going to start with my 1 of 2 not-so-excellent items of the night. Come on Red - give us soft butter! You gave us warm bread and rock hard butter!'s a pet peeve.

Course 1
Well - funny thing here is - there were 2 options: caesar salad or the scallop. Everybody chose the scallop - EIGHT people! It was delightful! (Brian was even a scallop virgin!) The corn and pancetta was flavorful, the sauce added something to the dish and the scallop was very nicely prepared.

Course 2
Again - they offered 2 choices: fish or steak. Everybody got steak! They did even offer a 3rd choice...the main steak was a 10 oz. strip but they also were offering a 7 oz. filet. Jason #2 recommended the strip because it was the house specialty. It was really great. We all loved our steaks!

The 2nd of 2 knocks on Red - the mashed potatoes. They were mediocre at best. Throw some garlic or cheese or something in there! They were just kinda bland and not that great - almost tasting of instant. (gasp!) Doubt they were - just wasn't loving them. But the steak more than made up for it!

Now how was this steak prepared? It's a Pittsburgh Char. I didn't really know what that was - but fellow diner David informed me it's charred on the outside and rare on the inside. And it sure was!
Now why do I have a picture of a steak knife here? Well this is part of why Jason #2 wowed me so! Fellow diner Scott was annoying the bejeebeez out of me! (nothing new) and I jokingly said "Where'd my knife go?" That knife was in front of me in less than 10 seconds! Now THAT is service!

Course 3
Dessert was also offered - the choice was nearly impossible. Luckily David was willing to share...I got the creme brulee - which I love. The sugar coating was light - not as browned as I've usually had at other places. It was good...I really enjoyed it.
The other option was Chocolate Decadence. OMG - chocolate mousse and this dense chocolate cake. YOWZA! It was amazing!!!!!!

I have to say though - perfection would be the cake topped with the creme brulee. I'm not sayin...I'm just sayin. I totally did this on my own and it was AWESOME!

Red was fabulous and probably the most enjoyable night overall. The food was great and the company was fabulous plus the staff made it even better. Plates were cleared immediately, drinks were refilled, silverware replaced and even knives appeared! Thanks Jason-squared!

And seriously, I'm single. Either of you...hell you got friends? I'll take what I can get.


(513) 871-3200
2724 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208

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