Basilico - All Organic and a Deal!

Friends and I have been dying to try Basilico - the new all organic restaurant in Mason on Tylersville Rd. I'm always up for new restaurants and organic sounds fun!

Basilico is on Tylersville across from BW3s - it's got sort of a cafeteria feel on the inside. That is a bit odd...I wasn't really fond of it.

There is a nice outdoor patio and there were even some cute visitors that walked by to say hi! (Click on the photos to enlarge - especially this one!)

Scott got an Oatmeal Stout - organic of course. I ended up sticking with water because Diet Coke apparently is NOT organic.

There are a great deal of dining options and one of them is a you pick 3 for $16.95. You can choose 3 items from their soup, salad, sandwich or pasta menus. That's a lot of food! The only items not up for selection are the pizzas and the entrees. We were a little bummed - the pizzas sounded great!

How was the food?

Basilico Panini: well the ciabatta bread was was dry and stale. The rest of the sandwich was pretty good - huge portion (recurring theme).

Grilled Salmon Salad: well - sort of. It's missing a few ingredients that were mentioned on the menu. Scott did say it was dressed well. The salmon was a bit overcooked for his taste which means it was well done.

Spicy Vodka Ravioli: Scott and Julia both chose this as one of their options in the Pick 3. He thought it wasn't at all spicy and she thought it had a kick (he orders his thai a 9, she a 0). They both got spinach (could also choose beef or cheese). The sauce was good - both were very pleased and said this was their favorite dish.

Spinach & Cheese Manicotti: Julia chose this as her 2nd dish. She wasn't that fond of it...she likes saucier.

Lasagna: Julia chose this as her third option but she let me try a bite! Julia wished it had been saucier - I on the other hand LOVED IT! I would go back just for that!

Involtini of the Day - Brajole with pesto pasta and grilled veges: It wasn't really called brajole but that's what it was. The portion size was ginormous! Brajole is thin slices of meat rolled with something - this was prosciutto and cheese. I wish there had been more cheese - I couldn't really taste it. The pasta was really great as were the grilled vegetables. And kudos to the GV - not just broccoli and carrots but also asparagus! Cooked perfectly! This was easily two meals!

There was also pizza but none of us chose that - this time!

We all had leftovers...and we were all pleasantly full! Julia and I each got a muffin to take home as well. I got banana chocolate chip - it was okay - a little dry.

I would definitely go back and do the pick 3 - you could probably split the pick 3 between 2 people and leave full if you chose 2 pastas and a salad. There was another pasta with mushrooms that I really wanted to try so I'll definitely go back!

If you're in the area and maybe usually go to BWs, Brazenhead or Cafe Bella - give Basilico a try!

Basilico Organic

(513) 492-9519
6176 Tylersville road
Mason, OH 45040

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