Zips...we all know and love it

Who hasn't had a Zip Burger? Actually - I found someone this weekend that hadn't! My dear friend Julia - crazy thing - hadn't had a Zip Burger?!? Shocking isn't it?

Well - off we went - Zip's is in the heart of Mt. Lookout Square and is amazing. I know - everybody's all about Terry's Turf Club right now - and yes - it is my favorite - but for an institution of Cincinnati, an awesome burger and a great time - Zip's is THE place to be!

Bean with Ham Soup

I was rather hungry after 2 workouts and decided to go all out...started with the soup of the day - Bean with Ham. It was very good. Lots of vegetables - all it needed was a little bit of salt. All in all - loved it - they have great chili as well.

Double Zip - no cheese

Julia doesn't like skinny fries - they do not bring her joy - thus she decided to have double the burger and no fries. She was very happy with her burger and enjoyed her first experience.

Especially the CHOOCHOO - she was notified about the train inside by an adorable little boy outside while we were waiting.

Zip with cheese and cheese fries

I went with the classic - it's my standard order and I cannot deviate! I loved it as always. Just the right combo of toppings, burger, mayo, cheese - everything - DELECTABLE!

The cheese fries really are my favorite thing - the cheese is so smooth at first and then starts to harden (on the fries and in my arteries - yes I know!).

Sometimes - I just wanna Zips Burger and this was one of those nights and I still loved it! I think the bloggers forget about the places that made Cincinnati known for their awesome food choices!

Zip's Cafe
1036 Delta Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208

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