Amol India - better than Baba & Akash? Well...

No. Not IMHO...

It is good though - I mean kitschy is one thing in it's favor

They serve lamb - is she cuddling it before she eats it?

Vegetable Pakora - it was drier than the stuff I normally get from Akash. Less oily - but not near as tasty...

Vegetable Samosas - I haven't had these at other Indian places but these are better than the ones at Emanu. Big, filling, tasty, spicy, very good!

Mushroom Mater: I love the version from Baba/Akash. This wasn't quite as sweet...but it was good and I have leftovers for tomorrow!

Paneer Nan: I'm a cheese fan so this was a no-brainer. It was very good but I could use a little more cheese.

Rice: how do they do it? Indian places have THE BEST RICE EVER! Anybody know how?

Amol's Chicken Special: It was tasty - my dinner date likes this dish a lot. Chicken, paneer and egg in a sauce much like Chicken Tikki Masala. I stole a bite of the chicken - it was good - big chunks.

Creepy gummy worm looking fried honey turds: the waitress brought us this for dessert. I nearly scores an F for presentation. It scores a B for taste. Once I closed my eyes and put it in my mouth - I liked it (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! come on...I had to). It squirted a little too (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! a double!!). I wouldn't pay for it...but I didn't choke on it (really - they just write themselves).

Overall - I'd rather go to Baba or Akash...but Amol wasn't bad by any means - I just like my mushroom mater & pakora better at the other places. Also I heard they were not open on Sunday evening but they were! They have a website but it's not working now so no link. They basically have the same menu.

I still haven't been to Ambar - maybe next time...

Amol Indian

(513) 961-3600
354 Ludlow Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

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