Balboa's - new location in O'Bryonville

Pop Quiz: Name the establishment in this building on Madison in O'Bryonville?

Answer: Balboa's!

Yeah - don't feel bad if you didn't know - it's been about a dozen things in the past few years!

Inside it's clean and kinda funky - cool layout, big bar, spacious seating, etc... It's a nice place on the inside. But decorating doesn't make good food.

These are the pepperoni rolls. Verdict? Too much bread, bitter pizza sauce, not enough pepperoni & cheese. Not bad but not as good as Betta's.

My friend is EXTREMELY picky - she got the burger, plain, well done. Unfortunately she didn't like it...the meat had seasoning - lots of garlic/onion. I had a bite - it's definitely a homemade burger but did have an after taste. Fries were fine.

By recommendation of the server (who was very good) I got the philly cheesesteak. Little odd that I was asked what I wanted on it - well I'd like what normally goes on a philly cheesesteak. I got cheeze whiz (cuz that's what comes on them), mushrooms, onion and black olives. And then I got onion rings instead of fries for an extra $1.

I have to say - I was pretty disappointed. The bread was good...shipped in from Philadelphia which is impressive. The sandwich though - I mean - it's a philly CHEESE steak. I want cheese! I couldn't even taste the cheeze whiz! Also - the sandwich and the onion rings sort of had a bitter after taste that wasn't good. I think something on the sandwich was burned and the onion rings tasted as though the oil was old.

I would take a Penn Station over this any day of the week...

The other thing to note is that my friend ate one bite of her burger and then ate her fries. She doesn't like seasoning and didn't like it. The server said she was going to comp the burger or 1/2 the meal or something. The manager came over - apologized - thanked her for being so easy going about it. Then - bill comes - charged full price. That's just lame...He also semi-insulted me. I won't repeat it and I know it was a joke but it was rude.

That said - I don't think I'll be back - maybe for pizza...but Dewey's is just down the street so it's doubtful.

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