Best Damn Lunch EVER! The Pilot Inn

A good friend of mine drug me to the Pilot Inn this week - he was bragging about the excellence of their Lasagna. And I thought - wait - the Pilot??? The dive bar in Hyde Park????

Yup that one!

So Thursday, Scott drove down and picked me up so I could experience the awesomeness that is The Pilot Inn.

Now when you walk in - don't be alarmed. It's all good! Pull up a lawn chair and grab a beer! I was on my lunch hour so no beer was had by me...

First, the specials. They change weekly - so if you're looking for something in particular - call on Monday. It's $6.25 for the special - great "home cooked" things like beef & noodles, meatloaf and yes - the lasagna!

This is just fun - Scott and a cigarette machine! OH MY!

Yeah - not kidding about the lawn furniture - but just go with it.

Scott got the special for the day - grilled ham & cheese with onion rings! Yowza! Just a paper plate full of awesomeness!

I mean seriously - look at this - this is HALF! We decided to share because we couldn't decide what to get. His was choice was far better!!!

Look at that - I mean seriously - click the damn picture! Five bucks and some change - for the chicken philly! What you see there is chicken, cheese and then grilled onions, banana peppers and mushrooms! This was TO DIE FOR! It was so delicious! I mean - seriously - I just want to go back every day and get this sandwich!

So I am now a fan of the Pilot Inn - it was sooooo amazing! The ambiance is just great - it's a regular crowd and it's so far from what you normally think of Hyde Park being. It's fantastic! There's a nice variety of food and the prices are just fantastically cheap!

So - stop whatever you're doing - and get in your car - and go to the Pilot Inn. But Food Hussy - I'm not hungry? ZIP IT! GO! And pick me up on the way...

The Pilot Inn

3921 Edwards Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

10 a.m.-2:30 a.m. daily.

Phone: (513) 531-4156

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