Hyde Park Tavern & Grill - a Gastropub! (What the hell is that?)

A Gastropub? Yeah - we were going through all sorts of ideas - all dealt with stomachs...but here you go...if you're dying to know:

Gastropub (noun)~ A combination of the word gastronomy, meaning the art or science of good eating, and pub, meaning public house.

It was a lovely night and we were in East Hyde Park so we wanted to eat outside and Hyde Park Tavern & Grill just seemed like the perfect option!

The atmosphere outside is very nice - fountains, trees, etc... It was a little chilly - but we decided to brave the patio.

The menu is pretty nice - sandwiches, salads and entrees. There's also a chef's special if you're a vegetarian - he'll just take what you like/don't like and whip something up! I thought about getting that...kinda wish I had.

Danielle decided to get a BBQ burger and a salad...she was so good...well it did have caesar dressing so not THAT good. She said it was okay - but not as good as Terry's (we're like a broken record).

Caesar salad - not much interesting here...

Katie also went for a burger...again...you guessed it. Not as good as Terry's. Also - she was asked how she wanted the burger - she said "medium" - this was not medium. It was definitely "well done" and a bit dry.

Smoked Trout Salad - Romaine lettuce, julienne spring radishes, black pepper bacon and quinoia with a creamy vinaigrette

Well - John got this and he thought the amount of trout was nice and the taste good as well. But - he thought the size of the salad was a bit small. Seems odd - give me ample of the expensive stuff and then go skimpy on the iceberg?!

Avocado Cuban: Roasted garlic mayo, avocado, caramelized onions, mushrooms and spring greens served on Italian bread.

This was my order...I have some issues here. Okay - what's a Cuban? Ham, pork and cheese - pressed on bread. Now - when I saw "cuban" in the name - I thought ooh - a twist on a cuban. This sandwich wasn't a Cuban...it was a Puerto Rican. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

Really - the sandwich was good...but it wasn't a Cuban. I thought it was going to be all the stuff they mentioned AND the Cuban elements - or at least some of them.

So I am very conflicted - this sandwich was very good and the fries were also great. But it's not a Cuban.

Churros Toasted and rolled in cinnamon and sugar served with caramel sauce and cinnamon gelato.

Yes - after the sandwiches/salad we all still had room for dessert. Danielle has this secret pocket for dessert! She's a tiny thing - but the dessert pocket always has room!

These churros were really great! There was plenty for us all to share and the sugar was just right. The gelato - well - it was a little skimpy. Because the waitress just told us our options - we didn't know if it was butter or ice cream...but found out once we tried it. This was definitely our favorite part of the dinner!

So there you have it - HPTG. Not all good...not all bad. Would I go back? Probably not...well not unless I wanted some churros!

Hyde Park Tavern & Grill
3384 Erie Ave.
Cin. OH. 45208

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