Italianette - When you feel like some pizza!!!

I've driven by the Italianette probably 1000 times over the past five years but never had the chance to stop in.

They've recently opened a location in East Hyde Park. I'm not sure if they're separate or together - but here's the menu for both.

This day was a fun one - my friend Amy and I went to Benken Florist & Greenhouse to buy some really cool Hibiscus! They just got them in and they are $19.95! I can't wait for it to bloom!

After flower's pizza time!

This location is on Plainfield Rd in Silverton and is very homey, low-key restaurant. Very family oriented and fairly generic.

We were hungry - boot camp has been kicking our butts - so we started with a side salad.

Side salad was just iceberg, mozzerella and a few scant unripened tomatoes with a packet of dressing. Not too impressive but actually - it was pretty good. I think I was pretty hungry though and a load of cheese never hurt anything!

Breadsticks with cheese - these are similar to but way better than LaRosa's! Not sure why but they were a lot better. Served with prepacked garlic butter and it wasn't melted.
We ordered a medium 1/2 cheese and 1/2 taco. The taco is closer to the camera in this shot. It wasn't exactly what I expected - I'm used to it being covered with toppings - but open mind!
The waitress did offer sour cream, tomatoes and lettuce (no chips?) to put on top of the pizza which I definitely did. The base is meat & onions. It was okay. I mean - the taste was very meaty but it just wasn't what I expected from Taco.

Overall the Italianette is VERY affordable. We each got drinks, a salad, then we shared breadsticks and a pizza and the total was $23!

The restaurant itself - well I want to love it - but I just liked it. I did hear that the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is great - if/when I go back I'll be sure to try that.

I wish they had a bit more "homemade" things - I mean - salad dressing, garlic butter, etc... I understand it's small and family-oriented but I think they could incorporate a few touches that would improve the food a bit.

I will say - service was great! Friendly, fast and attentive.

Italianette Pizza
6916 Plainfield Rd
Cincinnati, OH

(513) 791-7650
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UPDATE: I went back and had a different pizza and liked it a lot better. I'm now a huge fan of this BBQ Chicken & Bacon pizza!

It's my favorite and I have been back for it twice!
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