Sugar and Spice - but was everything nice?

Recognize this building? I've driven by it for 5 years and had no idea what was inside. Honestly - I thought it was a strip club! Well it isn't!!! It's Sugar 'n' Spice - a surprisingly cute diner!

Cute? Yeah - look at the stack of pancakes on the wall (note to my sister - learn to paint pancakes). It has adorable orange/white booths around the edge and then a diner counter as well.

What's this little guy to the left? It's a kid slipping on a frying pan with an egg in it!

Whoever the artist is - it's great!

Make sure to click on the image to see it full size - it's very well done!

They really add to the ambiance of the place. The outside is so pink (which I love) and then the inside is so sunny and fun!

Scott got the BLTE - and man - I was kinda jealous. I can make this at home but it looked good. He said it was fine...nothing spectacular but again - it's a BLT (oh the E = Egg in case you couldn't tell).

I got the quesadilla - it had chorizo, peppers, onions, cheese, salsa and eggs and came with a side of sour cream and salsa. I liked it! The salsa was very flavorful - I'm sure it was just jarred...but I liked it.

The quirkiness abounds - look at this half-booth! It cracked me up once I saw it!

Overall - Sugar 'n' Spice wasn't shockingly great - but it was good. It's very cute and I'd definitely go back. I think it's the kind of place that is consistent and probably has something that you'll think is awesome - just wasn't either of these items. Like I said - they were both good - just not great.

I definitely will take my sister there when she gets home - it's a fun, cute place.

Also - the owners also own Red, Tinks and the Vineyard! Good crowd to be in!

They're open Every Day From 7 am - 3 pm Except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day...

Sugar 'n' Spice
4381 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH
Phone (513)242-3521
Fax (513)242-1796

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