Boneless Wings My Ass!

Now I know - I always hit the locals but I have to admit - every once in a while - I gotta do a drive-thru! It sucks - I wish I could always go someplace unique and new - but I can't help it - I do love a Big Mac.

On this particular occasion though - it was Dave Thomas' famous Wendys!

I was driving out to a friend's place and it was late and I was hungry - so yes - I did it.

I went to a crappy drive thru. Normally I like Wendys - today I came through and noticed something new!

They have these new boneless wings in 3 flavors: Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken.

It was 6 "boneless wings" made of breast meat. Isn't it contradictory to say it's a WING made of BREAST meat?

They aren't boneless wings - they're chicken nuggets - just f'in say that.

They're basically just 6 nuggets microwaved and thrown in some sauce...the asian stuff has a kick. Look at those red pepper flakes! It was kinda spicy! They weren't bad but they weren't great either.

Normally I like Wendy's fries but these dogs were f'in old as hell! Look at those sad ass fries! They were stale and crappy. Yucko!

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