Chi-nnati's - the new kid in town

In the former Jalapenos near Kenwood Mall a new pizza place has emerged - Chi-nnati's. It's a combo of Chicago & Cincinnati (duh) and they have thick crust Chicago style pizza and thin crust pizza.

My friend Amy and I decided on take-out last week because we weren't very presentable and I convinced her to try out the new place. Amy's not big on "new" so she was a little skeptical - but she went for it with me.

Chi-nnati's doesn't have delivery but they do have a separate take-out door and waiting area. It's pretty nice and the order was ready exactly when they said it would be.

The person on the phone wasn't very helpful. I asked if they had breadsticks with cheese and he said "Yeah - we have garlic bread with cheese" - well that is different. Then I asked if he had any vegetarian, chicken or interesting pizza's (was thinking along the lines of Dewey's-like). He said well - we have the pizza with sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, etc... Um - sausage and pepperoni - not really unique. They do have a Pesto Shrimp pizza I would have loved to have tried - but he didn't mention it and I didn't have a menu. They need to educate the phone people a little more.

We got garlic bread with cheese. It was okay. Now granted - we did get it take-out so it sat for 4 minutes in the time it took to get from Chi's to Amy's house. It was just okay - not enough garlic.

We got a thin crust half-cheese/half-vegetable pizza. It was mediocre at best. The crust isn't very thin - I mean - I it's thinner than thick but it's not paper thin or NY thin - which is what I was hoping for.

The vegetarian side - well it was mediocre at best. A new pizza place in 2009 needs more adventurous vegetables. There were peppers, onions, mushrooms, onions and black olives. Oooh exciting. (sarcasm, sarcasm)

So - I'd give it another chance - mainly cuz I'm not a fan of LaRosa's but I'd like to try the thick crust in the restaurant.

But overall - I'm not too excited about the new kid in town.

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