How do you CHIPOTLE? And - your chance for FREE Chipotle!

So there we have it - the question of the day - HOW DO YOU CHIPOTLE?

My favorite - after many combinations:

black beans
mild salsa

Now why is this my choice? Well - trying to eat healthy - so you gotta go bowl. Then black over pinto - not even a question. The pork - well it's the most tender and most flavor IMHO. The mild salsa - I'm a wuss. Lettuce - eh - need some crunch.

Guac - here's the complex answer...okay being healthy I can't have everything - I used to get cheese, sour cream AND guac (yikes!). Now - I only let myself get one. Cheese - can't really taste it on the bowl. So we're down to sour cream and guac - guac is good fat - right? And more flavor - so that's my choice.

Your turn!

Chipotle's tag line - you decide what's inside.

That's naughty.

And awesome.

How do you do your Chipotle? Describe your favorite Chipotle combination in the comments. The best comment (judged solely by me) on this one gets free Chipotle with me!

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