Molly Malone's - a Standout in Pleasant Ridge

I went on the Pleasant Ridge Vines and Wines Garden Club Tour this past weekend! I saw some beautiful gardens in Pleasant Ridge and Kennedy Heights.

Click for full size image - you'd never believe how close to Montgomery Rd this is!

After all that walking, we needed sustenance! We headed to Molly Malone's on Montgomery Rd. It was beautiful so we found a table on the patio with a big umbrella.

Rachel enjoying the shade.

Because we had just done all of this walking and it was hella-hot outside - we were starving but also decided to try and be partially healthy!

We decided to get two items and share. The first was the grilled chicken salad with bleu cheese, pecans and dried cherries. This was very good! I'm not a big fan of bleu cheese but it was a great salad! I got the honey mustard which was tasty!

The other item? Irish Egg Rolls - it's not listed in their online menu but basically it's a Reuben in an egg roll served with thousand island dressing. (Yeah - the salad was the "partially healthy" part.) This was delicious! We really liked this and would definitely get it again.

We didn't get the most irish items but what we did get was good!

I used to go when it was the Dubliner quite a bit for trivia night - not sure if they still have it. I do know that the owners now are actually Irish - so the food should have some authenticity. I'll have to try it out again and see if the more traditional items are as good as what we had Saturday!

I also wanted to add - if you're thinking of this like an authentic Irish restaurant - you might be disappointed. If you're thinking of this as bar food with an Irish slant - it'll be better. IMHO.

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