Schnitzel time! Laszlo's Iron Skillet - here we come!

Last December I got a bit addicted to and their gift certificates. Basically, I purchased a buttload of them. One of the places I'd always wanted to try was Laszlo's Iron Skillet so I grabbed a certificate - $25 off $35. Laszlo's has a wide menu but specializes in Hungarian/German fare.

Laszlo's is in Newtown - which if you don't know where that is - if you to through Mt Lookout on Linwood, then head over the Beechmont Levy and then right on 32 and bam - you're in Newtown! Turn left at the big rock fountain, then another left and you're there! It's about 15 min from Mt Lookout...short drive.

I was warned that I might be the youngest one there...thanks @armonde. It's a cute place - lots of original painting and framed pieces of German clothing.

We ordered and Scott got the side salad - nice size and the dressing was homemade - something that is rare in this world of packaged and bottled. Scott's a ranch snob and he really liked it.

I decided to be authentic and get the hot slaw with was really good. Very vinegary and tasty. It's quite a large helping - for such a strong flavor - I couldn't eat it all.

We were also served warm fresh home-baked yeast rolls. Scott really loved these and he NEVER eats the bread at restaurants. There was a butter and a paprika cream cheese mixture...both were good. He even got a 2nd helping of the was that good.

Zurich Schnitzel $12.95
Tender cutlet sautéed w/mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce & served w/potato pancake; add $3 extra piece

I was a bit worried I wouldn't like the Schnitzel - but I liked it! The sauce was delightful - a bit salty - but I love salty. The potato pancake was good - not as good as Izzy's - but pretty darned good. There was ample sauce that lasted the whole dish.

Szeklar Goulash $13
A unique combination; Cincinnati Magazine-"BEST USE OF SAUER-KRAUT" pork goulash, sauerkraut, & sour cream served w/ Spätzle

Scott got this unique goulash and he was NOT disappointed! I'm not usually big on spatzle but this was good. The dish had a great combo of the tartness with the sauerkraut and creamy of the sour cream. Scott couldn't stop raving about this dish - he said it'd be the kind of thing he'd have the leftovers in the fridge and wake up in the middle of the night to eat them. THAT is a strong statement from him. I did a couple taste tests and definitely liked it as well.

Dobostorte (Hungarian 7-layer cake)

For dessert Scott talked me into the Dobostorte since it was authentic. He'd grown up with his family making it. It wasn't as sweet as I thought it might be. It was okay - not my favorite dessert ever but I liked it. Strangely enough I didn't like the first bite...but then after the 10th bite - Scott determined I must have not thought it was too bad.

This mural was in one of the side rooms off the bar - I had to take a picture. I wonder if it's the Laszlo family.

And yes - this shirt can be yours for just $10! Come know you want one...

There you have it - Laszlo's in Newtown. We really enjoyed it. It's definitely a unique flavor but I loved it. I'm sure we'll be back! And hey - don't forget! Although - we went far over the $35...I need to do better math. Our total was about $45 for all that you see plus one glass of wine and one soda.

Laszlo's also has a great Tuesday night special of buy one, get one free on select entrees and Wednesday night it's Roasted Chicken and Dressing for $7!

Service was also very friendly and responsive.

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