Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ladies that Lunch and Hussies that Brunch!

One of my very best friends suggested we go to brunch on Friday morning since we both had the day off. Since I am THE FOOD HUSSY - I was told to pick the spot! I chose Annabel's in Mt. Lookout because it's in close proximity to both of us.

Annabel's a really cute spot on the Square in Mt. Lookout with a couple of tables outside.

Inside, it's just as cute. It's a very modern decor with amazing food photography around the room. There's a blackboard with the days specials and the counter is COVERED with the daily desserts! (We did NOT indulge.)

I ordered the daily scramble - it was a veggie scramble with a warm croissant and a cup of fresh fruit. The scramble had an assortment of veggies - to which I do not remember - and feta but they were kind enough to sub goat cheese for me. I'm just not a feta fan. I did enjoy the eggs - they were light and well cooked. The croissant was warm and toasty and delicious. The fruit was fine - a little sprinkle of sugar would have been nice.

Kelly got the "croissanwich" - that's not what they call it - but that was basically it. It was scrambled eggs with a roasted tomato sauce and topped with bacon. She ordered it with bacon and it originally came with sausage (which looked amazing) - the server corrected the order very quickly. She seemed pretty happy with the sandwich.

She also had ordered coffee and it was originally cold. Again - the problem was rectified quickly. I guess my thought it they might want to take a bit more care and double check things before bringing them out.

Overall - the price was fine - it was about $10 each which isn't bad for a fancy little brunch. By the time we were done, Annabel's was packed with lunching ladies. The hours of operation are a bit narrow - thus unless you're a lady that lunches - you might not find it open.

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