Rock Bottom - did I hit Rock Bottom by going?

Last week a couple friends and I met for lunch on Fountain Square. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to eat outside but a bit windy so we sort of wanted cover...what are 3 beautiful girls to do?

We decided on Rock Bottom Brewery on the Square. It's got a great patio area that looks out on the Square and yet a roof to block us from the wind.

Katie got the chili - she was very happy with her meal. It did look pretty good - Texas style - not Cincinnati.

Danielle and I each got the Brazilian Turkey Burger (Homemade with latin seasonings, chimichurri, roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions. Topped with cheddar & pickle de gallo.)

Dani got the slaw - she said it sucked. There was no taste and no seasoning.

The burger - well she didn't finish it.

The fries were fine...they're fries.

The turkey burger was horrible. Mine was in 2-3 pieces as you can sort of tell and just tasted bad. There was no turkey - it tasted like breadcrumbs with a minuscule amount of ground turkey. The seasoning was awful. It was pretty much inedible. And the "pickle de gallo" - not good. The whole thing was dry and bad. I would have preferred a bland turkey burger over mish-mosh of bad seasoning.

Luckily - Dani brought us chocolate chip cookies to take back to work! They were fantastic and very welcome after that gross turkey burger!

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