Fine Family Dining? Sure...why not?!

My friend Lou and I are always in search of new places in Northern Kentucky for dinner. One day we literally stumbled across the Log Cabin Inn. It's a big old Log Cabin...yeah...really!

I told ya!

Your entrees start with a salad - served on cold metal plates with good old iceberg lettuce and some good thick honey mustard! (I think that's what it is - might have been Thousand Island) It's not a fancy salad but it's not a fancy place.

Lou got a steak with a side of pinto beans. She was very pleased - she likes her steak dead and burned! I can't fathom eating it - but she liked it. She wasn't a fan of the pinto beans - I tried them - there was a bit of an after taste.

I got a NY strip with onion rings. The steak was medium rare and cooked perfectly. The onion rings were pretty good - a couple weren't done all the way but for the most part - very good. The roll is served cold and pretty bland. Also - the steak was $11.99 - what a deal!

The BF came along too - he got his "usual" for restaurants these days - a steak hoagie. He liked it just fine. I tasted - I'm not sure what exactly kind of "steak" is on a steak hoagie. This isn't just at Log Cabin Inn but in general - what is it? It's more like an oblong shaped burger. Anybody know? Can you tell me?

Well anyway - he liked it.

Overall - the Log Cabin Inn isn't amazing but it's good solid food. They have specials, they have good steak and it's a very casual place. The interior is pretty dark and I think it's the kind of place that has regulars. And by regulars, I mean the same old people go at 430 every Tuesday afer bingo.

But I love it - it's one of my favorite places to go - and I really have no idea why!

And just for my all my anonymous readers - and you know who you are - I only had 3 exclamation points in this review. Until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw Kathy Griffin Friday night - and she's inspired me to tell those folks - SUCK IT!

Hahaha - that's seriously only for the exclamation point police that read my blog. The rest of you - you rock!

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