Cafe Martin - a hidden gem!

My good friend John wanted to meet up for lunch because it had just been far too long since he'd shared space with the FoodHussy! He suggested we hit up Cafe Martin on Garfield.

This place really is hidden - because if you're on Garfield - you won't find it! It's inside the hotel BUT it's not the lounge! You have to walk around the wall...

The easier entrance is on Vine St - right across from the library and next to LeBoxx.

Just a pretty shot of the lamp - I like that they have these custom lamps - they're nice.

Generic inside shot - I have to say though - I was recognized! Our server actually said, "Um are you the Food Hussy?" Why, YES I AM! It was pretty fun.

I got the smothered chicken ($8.95) which comes with one side and I chose onion rings. Very glad I did - they were AWESOME! The chicken was good too - and I felt $8.95 was a nice price for something other than a sandwich. The chicken was juicy - the veges were a little big and maybe could have been sauteed a little longer. BUT the onion rings were perfection!

John got the Louisiana Wrap for $7.95. Blackened chicken, lettuce, tomato, and caramelized
onions rolled with Pepper Jack cheese and spicy Cajun remoulade sauce. He was pleased and the fries were fine but he was very very jealous of my onion rings.

You've probably walked by Cafe Martin a thousand times and never wandered in - I would recommend stopping next time and trying it out! They also have pizzas which is what the server recommended but they take 20 minutes and we didn't have that much time that day.

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