chickenjoy? pretty sure it was chicken...not so sure about the joy

There's a new joint down in the food court in downtown Cincinnati and it's chickenJoy! The BF and I were enjoying our Friday lunch together and the line at the other chicken place was too long so we decided to try out the new guys.

Well - it looks nice. The menu (you can click on the photo for a larger shot) has rotisserie and fried chicken along with some sides. There is also a breakfast menu.

I chose the dark meat with a roll and cole slaw. We both went for the rotisserie. The chicken was just okay. Not much flavor - the fat was fatty rather than crispy. It was also sort of sticky-chewy. You know what I mean? Sometimes it sticks to your teeth when you chew it.

The cole slaw was fine...nothing to brag about. Not as good as the OTHER other chicken place.

The roll was borderline gross. It was cold and dry.

BF felt the same about his chicken choice. The wing for his was an oddly whacked off hunk of bird. Very fatty. He said the taters were fine but he's not too discerning when it comes to food - he's only begun his food journey - unlike me. (it's a joke people - don't start flinging the taters at me.)

Overall - not too much joy. I'd rather have Chicken #1 or Sbarro's. And they looked lonely...

Side note - owners of chickenJoy are supposedly linked to sushi place going into former Churchill's spot upstairs of food court.

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