Thank you Kelly - you introduced me to Penn Station!

Nearly six years ago my good friend Kelly and I were heading to lunch and she said "Have you had Penn Station?" I said - "Uh no - what's that?" After picking her jaw up off the floor - she immediately drove me to the Newport Penn Station and my life has never been the same!

The parking lot is a little odd - it's near the Rio Grande that I also love (review coming soon).

And here it is - the amazing fantastic philly steak with mayo, cheese, extra mushrooms and onions. It was on special so it came with fries and a drink.

The fries are fried in peanut oil which gives them a unique and awesome (if you ask me) taste. They are also made from whole potatoes right in the restaurant - always a plus!

The bread is crispy - the guys that work there have it all down to a science - Penn Station is a favorite of mine in Cincinnati. It's also about 100x better than that Great Steak place (yuck!).

So if you're new to Cincy like I was almost six years ago - make sure you stop at a Penn Station sometime soon - you won't be disappointed!

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