Because I want a cupcake right now...

Cincinnati has been overcome by cupcakes in recent months with Sugar, Take the Cake, Abby Girl, Three Tiers and so many more. It's cupcakes all over the place!

Larry and I have been on a few drives through Milford but always on a Sunday - finally we got there on a Saturday and I forced him to stop at Sugar.

Milford is such a cute little neighborhood - I really want to live near a "neighborhood square" again one day...

There were quite a few varieties available - most in regular and mini-size. The regular are $3.50 each and the mini are $1.75. The cake is typically chocolate or vanilla with differences in frostings/etc...

Because there were so many, I decided to try 4 minis...

I had from left to right (with comments following):

Chocolate Truffle: I had these one a day so by the time I got to this it was a bit stale. The chocolate taste is good and not too overpowering.

Vanilla w/ Buttercream: My least favorite - I had the first day so it should have been freshest but dry and nothing special.

Coconut Lime: Probably my favorite of the bunch - you could definitely get the flavor of both in this little morsel.

Chocolate Chai: Very interesting - took some getting used to but afterwards I liked it a lot. The flavor is definitely unique but I did enjoy it. I'm pretty sure it's in the cake as well as the frosting - which is nice.

Overall - I really found the cupcakes on the dry side. Maybe it's because I got the minis. The flavor is good and the icing is thick - but they're pricey and a bit dry. I liked them - just didn't love them.

Why Should You Go? If you're in the Milford area and craving sweets - load up!

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