My new fav for lunch...crepetastic!

I work on the crappy side of downtown - at least when it comes to lunch options. There are a couple of bars and that's about it...until now! Luckily It's Just Crepes has opened less than 2 blocks away and I'm in heaven!

They've had a location on Court for a couple of years but that's so far from me! But now - they've opened in the former La Tea Room and I've been once a week!

I was a little skeptical - I've had crepes at breakfast places and they've always seemed gooey and mushy - but the first time I had to at least keep an open mind and give it a try.

The decor has been Ikea-fied and brightened up. It's very refreshing. It does get a bit busy - so come at 1145 or 1230 to miss the crowd. If it's your first time - you just hop in line then one of the crepe-makers will call you to order. Order away and then pay - it takes about 5 minutes to get your order and it's fun to watch.

Here's the watching - they pour on the batter and smooth it out. Then flip it & fold it...

Then add the toppings...on my first visit we got a savory and a sweet (they have separate menus). The sweet are $3.50-5 and the savory are $5-7.

The thing I love most is the fresh-factor. Everything is fresh - the ingredients, the look, the feel - everything. I feel like I'm eating fairly healthy and the ingredients haven't been fried or sitting around for an hour.

I've tried a few different options when it comes to the savory and I've found that I like saucy. I've had chicken a couple of times (Santa Fe above w/ chicken, swiss, mushrooms, salsa - $5.99) and it seems a bit dry so I decided to try something with more stuff in it.

Finally this week I found the one I love - it's called the Red Goat - tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese (yum) and balsamic vinaigrette. That's pretty close - I can't quite remember if that's exactly it but close. I loved it!

I've also done the sweet and they are great too. This was the blueberry cream and it was decadent. They have a lot of Nutella which I haven't been brave enough to try yet. Chocolate something will be my next one. The bonus on these - the way they fold them - you can unfold and cut in half and share!!!!

Why Should You Go? Cuz it's awesome. Fresh and affordable - delicious!

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