A big Wal-mart and good Mexican - all within 10 minutes of my house!

A few years back I was anti-Wal-Mart - severely!!! Now I've backed off and will go when requested...especially since we have a nice pretty clean new one on Red Bank. Since we've been visiting the shiny WallyWorld I have noticed the strip mall next to it - teasing me with a Mexican restaurant coming soon. But finally - it's open!!!!
El Jinete has opened in the strip-mall near the Wal-Mart - there's also a chinese buffet there too - just haven't stopped there yet.

First - of course - chips and salsa in the little containers. Very tasty!

I ordered the bean & cheese dip - man do I love this ooey gooey white cheese dip and the refried beans below - yum!

The decor is pretty standard but it's all brand-spanking-new - so it's nice. Lots of flat-screens all over as well so you can watch whatever game is on while filling up on the chips.

Now to remember what we ordered a week ago - um - not gonna happen. He got steak & shrimp with fajita type stuff on top and it was really really good. I was definitely jealous of this dish...so I thought...

Until my dish came - holy moly - this was awesome! It's chicken and mushrooms and just deliciousness. I do wish I'd taken pics of the menu so I could remember but man oh man - it was soooooo good!

The best part was the portions are huge so we each ate half and then mixed it all together and I had lunch for 2 days!

The rice and beans were standard - nothing amazing - but good.

Why Should You Go? It's really comparable to my other favorite - El Rancho Grande. The restaurant itself is brand new so it's very clean and nice inside. I really enjoyed it and we can't wait to go back.

Also - for the formerly-lacking-in-Mexican area that I live in (Pleasant Ridge) - I'm thrilled that we can get to Mexican in less than 10 minutes no matter where we go now!

Kenwood - El Rancho Grande
Norwood - Cancun (next to Frisch's - opening soon)
Red Bank - El Jinete
Hyde Park - El Toro

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