Fried Chicken!!!!!

I have driven by this completely obnoxious display hundreds of times on Reading Rd and finally decided we had to stop!

The hot air balloon - the streamers - it's like a used car lot that went out of business and started selling chicken!

This is a take-out place - there are a couple of tables inside but mainly just meant for waiting for your order to be made. We went through the drive-thru and it was S-L-O-O-O-O-W. But was it worth the wait?

I got the 3 piece perch that came with bread, coleslaw and fries. The fish was good - Larry liked it better than I did. It's a cornmeal type of breading and it was plentiful. There was a LOT of fish in these three pieces.

The slaw was really good - I ate his and mine. The fries sucked - cold and limp by the time I got home and the bread - well I don't know why it was there and I didn't eat it.

Larry got chicken wings and no idea why but they throw salt on the top of each meal before they shut the box - but hey - I like salt.

The wings were really good as well - we shared our meals and enjoyed them both. They were not greasy at all - that's the one thing I was surprised about.

I also have to say they have a definite "process" for the orders and it's pretty fun to watch. The boxes don't even shut they're so full!

Why Should You Go: If you're looking for an alternative to the oily of KFC, etc... it's a good choice. I'd just get the meat and skips the fries!

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