More Mexican...

Larry was up getting the truck worked on and discovered another Mexican place for us to go! Fiesta Brava on Fields Ertel.

It's been quite a few things over the years but this is doing pretty well. They have coupons on their website and free wi-fi.

Chips and salsa to start - pretty good - pretty standard. After a while I have a hard time distinguishing between any of these places.

I left my camera at home - so these are crappy cell phone pics - sorry. I got the Enchiladas Supreme because we were sharing. It had a cheese, a bean, a chicken and a ground beef enchilada so it was nice to try all four.

The ground beef was kinda bad - it was very dry and crumbly. The bean was a little too beany (is that a word?). The chicken and cheese were both good and I'd most likely just stick with cheese next time. I'm a cheesaholic.

Why Should You Go? It's nothing to drive out of your way for - but if you're in the area - it's good standard "Cincinnati" mexican food and the staff is very attentive and friendly.

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