Domino's - the new recipe

So I know - it's a chain - and a crappy chain at that - but we got Domino's the other day at work and I decided to take here you go.

The commercials keep touting their "new recipe" so I had been interested in trying it - especially when work is buying.

We got a variety of pizzas and crusts - thin, thick, regular - supreme, chicken, pepperoni.

This was the chicken bacon ranch on thin crust.

So - new recipe? Any better?

Nope - it sucked.

The chicken bacon ranch was probably the best of the bunch - but that's not saying much. The pizza is just completely bland no matter what the toppings are. The thick crust was the most disappointing as it wasn't really a thick crust - just slightly thicker than the regular.

So if you've seen the commercials and you're thinking about ordering - don't.

Why Should You Go? You shouldn't.

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