Giveaway Day! This time...Red Lobster

I've been contacted a lot by "chains" lately to do some giveaways on my site - I don't see the harm. I figure you guys deserve some love too! This time it was Red Lobster. They're remodeling a bunch of locations and "revamping" the menu a bit.

I'm always a big fan of their cheddar garlic biscuits (Bisquick's are nearly identical!) so I said sure! Up front here - they gave me a $50 gift card for dinner and then 2-$10 cards to give away (scroll to the bottom for the giveaway). I know $10 isn't much - but hey - go for lunch and it's free! Free lunch! Free lunch!

The Kenwood location is under going the remodel and they weren't quite done when I went a couple weeks ago but have since finished the front so I hear.

Inside, from what I can tell, they've remodeled the front desk and bar area but not the true interior where the tables & chairs are. Well I think they had new booths but I really couldn't tell much of a decor change.

Here's the new bar area - it's nice.

As always, we started out with salads. I'm a big fan of their Caesar was good this time but not quite as good as I remembered.

I think their dinner salad is nice as well - good amount of vegetables.

Ahhhh the cheddar bay biscuits...I could seriously just eat a meal of these and typically I do. We definitely got 2 baskets of biscuits. They are so delicious!

Larry got the seafood jambalaya ($12.99) - it's one of their specials right now. He liked it just fine - I had a bite or two for taste and wasn't too excited. He really likes the little scallops whereas I'm not a fan. I thought it was kind of bland.

My sister doesn't like seafood - but she likes free meals - so she came along. I like to refer to her as a chickenatarian since she eats vegetarian + chicken. She got the Cajun Chicken Linguine Alfredo ($12.75), low on the cajun. Again - she was happy - I had a couple of bites and wasn't too excited.

I went out on a limb and decided to try a special and got the Lobster and Bourbon Shrimp and Scallops ($23.99). There was a skewer of shrimp, skewer of bacon-wrapped scallops and a lobster tail served over mashed potatoes and roasted corn.

Truly - the roasted corn was the best - I loved it. The lobster didn't have a lot of flavor, the shrimp were tiny and the bourbon sauce/bacon overpowered the scallops.

I feel bad saying these things since my meal was free (well we went over and had tip) but I'm always one for honesty.

I typically get the crab alfredo but it wasn't as good the last couple of times either so I decided to try their seafood. They have a new wood-fire grill menu with fresh fish that, looking back, I wish I'd taken advantage of and tried that. I'd like to see how they do with just a piece of salmon.

Why Should You Go? While I didn't enjoy my meal that much - I obviously will go back to Red Lobster. Who doesn't end up there now and again?

Although - with the line being out the door and a wait of an hour by the time we left - I do sort of want to shake people in line and say - GO SOMEWHERE LOCAL!

If only the locals had those damn biscuits!!!!


Although I didn't love the meal - Red Lobster has it's place in Americana and they've given me 2-$10 gift cards for my readers! So leave a comment below WITH A WAY TO CONTACT YOU about what you order at Red Lobster - cuz we all know! I'll randomly choose 2 winners next Friday.

I also have more giveaways coming - Farm Fresh Delivery (locally-grown fresh fruit & veges delivered to your door) and Brueggers are on the way!

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