Norwood - Meet Mexican. Mexican - Meet Norwood.

In the space next to Frisch's on Montgomery Rd in Norwood there's been a big empty hunk of restaurant just waiting for something to come and fill it up. Finally - someone took the challenge and that someone is Cancun Mexican Bar & Grill.

This space used to be occupied by Wings & Rings but I'm not sure when it closed as I never saw any cars in the lot even when the sign was up...

Inside - it's very "Cincinnati Mexican" - I love the chairs. I would love to buy some for my house...they're so bright and happy.

Of course - we started with chips and salsa. The salsa was a bit tomato-pastey - I didn't like it so much.

Larry got taquitos with beans & rice. They looked pretty decent but I didn't try just a picture show for this one.

I ordered the fajita taco salad. I was a bit disappointed - the picture showed the "bowl" in the taco shape and I got a traditional bowl. No idea why - but I never like the bowl as much. The fillings were fine but nothing stand-out.

Why Should You Go? Well if you live in Norwood and you don't feel like driving - I guess you could go. I didn't love it. I'd rather go to Kenwood Mall and go to El Rancho Grande.

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