Yes kids - that's right - it's Giveaway Day again here at I actually have a few things stocked up but this week I've decided it's Bruegger's!

In honor of their "4 Under $4" promotion they sent me 5-$5 gift certificates (maybe they should have sent 4-$4?) to giveaway to my readers.

They now have 4 breakfast sandwiches all under $4:

* Chipotle Spinach Egg Sandwich
* Western Egg Sandwich w/Roasted Vegetables
* Egg White & Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich
* Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich

You can find out more about each on their "breakfast sandwich" page - including nutritional info! (Um - after looking at the nutritional info - you might not wanna look!)

I hold a special place in my heart for Bruegger's because of college. I went to the University of Iowa and Bruegger's was the first bagel I ever had. I didn't like cream cheese at the time (wtf?) so I would always get a cinnamon raisin with butter. My best friend would often stop on her way to class and bring one for me. I don't think I could have made it through Chem 4:7 without Amy and those bagels! Who am I kidding - I barely passed the class anyway - the bagels made it bearable!

All that nostalgia aside - here I sit with 5-$5 coupons to giveaway. There's no restrictions and they're good at any location.

For the contest - tell me your favorite Bruegger's item. I'll get us started...

My favorite Bruegger's item - well I have two:

1. Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese - this stuff is so delicious! It's truly my favorite thing and I typically go when I'm craving it.

2. Everything Cookie - this is another killer. It's like a peanut butter-chocolate chip-coconut-oatmeal cookie all in one! They also have a "bar" but that's almost too much for me - the cookie is just right! I've been known to stand there for 5 minutes while they go in the back and get one for me out of the oven and package it - it's that good.

There you have it - now - it's your turn. Post your favorite item and a contact email or twitter name and you're entered!

Happy Posting!

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