Hittin Up Da Pub

Working in NKY, my coworkers and I often frequent the Crestview Hills area for dining - there's just a lot more over there than on Buttermilk and it's really close.

Friday is typically Pub-day where the part of the gang goes to The Pub at Crestview Hills. The Pub is a small chain with 9 locations in OH, KY and FL. They're also under the same group as deSha's, Nicholson's and The Polo Grille.

  It's a pretty big location and you can't miss it since it's right in the middle of the main entry to Crestview Hills Town Center.

I must say they have the best sweet tea I've had in Cincinnati. It's a special tea that they brew and it's delicious. Unfortunately I have no memory of what it is - even though she told me!

  I got the Goat Cheese and Red Pepper Burger * $9.25. The burger was just okay - the goat cheese wasn't very goat cheesy and the burger just wasn't to great. The side on the other hand - was fantastic! Sweet potato fries and a fried pickle! Love it - I'll go back just for that!

I was with coworkers and they go wings...didn't taste them but they didn't look too fantastic. 

Another coworker got the Shepherd's Pie Pizza - he really liked it. I might try the pizza some other time - but man - it's hard to pass up the Sweet Potato Fries & Fried Pickle!

Why Should You Go? It's a chain - but not a big one. Really the reason to go to the Pub is for the beer. The food is pretty good so I'm sure I'll be back. But I won't get the burger again.

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How was the bed? How was the breakfast?

You saw the wedding food, then the wedding night food, now how about the next day breakfast? Since we aren't taking a honeymoon just yet, we decided we at least wanted to spend our wedding night someplace special. We ended up choosing the Weller Haus Bed & Breakfast in Bellevue, KY.

There are lots of pics in this blog - so commentary will be short to get through them. It's very pretty - just up a couple blocks from Main St in Bellevue. Parking is on the street and there are a few rooms to choose from. Ours (Margaret's Porch) is shown here - you can see the porch with the white rocking chairs.
The bedroom was really pretty - but not too girly. I mean - it's a B&B so it's going to be girly but it wasn't over-the-top-grama!

I really wanted someplace with a jacuzzi tub and this had it. It was really nice and cozy - loved it all! 

Fireplace and robes all nice touches. There are also pennies all over the place - I didn't quite know the back-story but it seems people leave pennies around the room - some hiding them strategically. We hid ours in a pretty good spot - we'll have to see if they're still there next year!

Here's the porch of Margaret's Porch - we opened some of cards out here and enjoyed the morning!

I wanted to take some pics of the grounds - it's very pretty. There are all sorts of little spots to sit and I think you could definitely have 2-3 couples/groups out there and still feel like you had your own private space.

Love me some knockout roses...

There are a few "water features" with seating near each...Lots of koi in this one.

Big deck with seating for four...

A few more pics of the grounds - it was so pretty and even blooming in mid-September! Thoughtful planting.

But now - BREAKFAST!

In our room, we had a menu with breakfast selections. You choose an entree and a time - so it's flexible!

First up was the fruit and juice... You get a knock at the door and then open it up and voila - breakfast for 2! Because of Larry's egg allergy one of the fruit dishes had a pastry with it and one did not. These were delicious - Larry couldn't get over how tasty the fruit was. It was also a very large portion - you won't go leave hungry!

  We noted Larry's allergy and were hoping for the best in regards to the entree. I had checked ahead of time and they said they were fine - but all the entrees were egg, egg and oh yeah - egg! We just said - he'll take anything hot and left it there.

They served up this gigantic sausage burrito! Filled with sausage, peppers and cheese - then smothered with more cheese and salsa. It was delicious! I had a couple bites and was almost jealous...

I say almost because I ordered blueberry pancakes and sausage. Wow - loved it! There are 4 hot cakes there! I've made blueberry pancakes twice at home since having these because they were sooo good. The sausage was like kielbasa - so that was nice - I love that stuff. These were so delicious! I did my best to join the clean plate club - but with the fruit first - it was not happening. I should have given Larry my fruit to save more room!

All in all - the food was decadent! The room was wonderful! The staff was basically non-existant - which was fine by us! I'm not one to want a chatty B&B - I want to go to relax. This room specifically had breakfast served to us so we could have it privately. They do have other rooms where you can eat "communally" but we weren't really interested in that.

This was the perfect wedding night and it's great because now we have a place to visit for years to come! Don't just take my word for it - they have great TripAdvisor ratings as well!

Larry's Favorite Burger

My husband sure does put up with a lot of picture taking - so today's blog is honoring HIS favorite burger in Cincinnati. While I'm addicted to Terry's - Larry's got a different favorite...it's Gordo's!

It's a convenient location - right on Montgomery Rd in Norwood. All in all - because of the location and ease of getting a table - it might become my favorite too. I love Terry's but hate jumping through hoops to eat there with less than an hour wait!

And yes - this is my 2nd blog of Gordo's. The first visit was almost 2 years ago (wow) soon after they had opened - so I decided a re-review was in order. 

 I got a Strongbow - which is one of those Cider Beers - and I loved it! That stuff is just great! Also found out they have a Pear Cider - that's good too!

Larry got the Hawaiian Burger - Topped with Roasted Pineapple, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, BBQ Sauce and American Cheese - $7. And that's why he likes Gordos better - he likes pineapple on his burger. Who knew? He was very happy with his first visit!

I went for the Gordo's Burger - Topped with Roasted Poblanos, Mushrooms, Onions, Smoked bacon, Mayonnaise and Boursin Cheese - $8. I also got mine with a side of their Parmesan Gratin Potato. I had really liked these in an earlier visit. Before they were served as a square from a casserole and now they're served in their own dish. I think I like them that way better...but these were still good. But I liked the burger much better this time around. The burgers are still pretty "tall" so it's hard for me to eat them (clinically I have a small mouth - my friend's all think this is hilarious). But all in all - good burger!

We went back again and Larry got mozzarella sticks - $6. They were fine...nothing to write home about. Not bad by any means - just standard. He wasn't very hungry...so it was good for him.

I on the other hand was starving! I got the Reuben ($7) and then made the fries "loaded" (it was extra - don't know how much). The fries were pretty good - not as good as the one's from the Irish Democrat back home - but good. The Reuben - well I liked it - but wish there had been more sauce. The meat was really good though. I'm a bit of a Reuben-aholic.

Why Should You Go? Many people think it's one of the top 3 burgers in the city - so if you haven't been yet you should go and check it out. I really think they do a great job on their dinner entrees as well. It's a friendly atmosphere and if the weather's nice - there's a patio in the back.

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Wedding Night Dining

I'm trying to balance the wedding posts with food posts - so bear with me! Also - please note - I've added a poll to the left so you can help me pick where to go next! Also - at the bottom of the page is a link to my Walk Like MADD page - it's a great cause and very dear to my heart. Okay - onto the real content - food!

Speaking of dear to my heart - that's us on our wedding night! We checked in at the B&B down the street (blog to come) and then I realized how little of the fantastic food at my wedding that I had actually gotten to eat! So after opening our gifts we went to watch a little football and grab a quick bite.

Since we were staying in Bellevue we decided to head down to Arnie's on the Levee. I'd never been so we could eat, watch football and get more blog material.

We started out with the fresh chips, salsa & queso appetizer ($5.79). Larry totally said he wasn't hungry - but I knew he'd eat...and it was pretty good. I was pretty  much just in the mood for queso and liked it quite a bit.

My entree came with a side salad first - pretty generous size - standard fare and good ranch...I wasn't that hungry so just tasted tidbits and let it go. All in all - fine...

I  ordered the Fettucini Alfredo ($9.99) - you can also add chicken or shrimp but I just wanted it naked that night (insert wedding night joke here). I didn't even touch the bread - handed that off to the hubby right off the bat. The fettucini was really good. (Sorry for the blurry picture - some places are easier than others to get good pictures in.) It was creamy and flavorful and surprisingly not too heavy. I mean - it was fettucini alfredo - so it was heavy but not "sit in your stomach and make you feel like crap" heavy. I've watched too many Gordon Ramsey shows so the fluffs of parsley and parmesan around the plate annoy me now that I look at the photo - but all in all - I really enjoyed the dish.

The bartender/waitress welcomed us and said "how are you guys doing?!" When we replied that we'd just gotten married - she was shocked - she hadn't heard that before! Hey - we like to be original.

Why Should You Go? The reviews on Urbanspoon are pretty mixed but we enjoyed it a lot. The bartender was really friendly and the food was good. I also follow them on Twitter and they seem to advertise a lot of good lunch specials - so if you're near the Levee - you might wanna check them out.

(And PS - Blogger: I HATE your new editor. Why did I click "Try This"?????? AAAAACK!)

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Giveaway Day Winners & Aladdin's Eatery

First up - let's announce the Giveaway Winner's. 4 lucky folks are winning 2 evol burritos and 1 Klosterman Bakery product. And they are:


I'll be contacting each of these folks via their twitter, email or blog.

As a bonus - I'll also throw out a review - well actually a re-review! I headed up to Aladdin's Eatery in West Chester with my good vegetarian friend Jennifer. I had been before and really had a so-so experience. Let's see if this was any better.

We decided to appetizer the whole lunch...

We started out with hummos and she offered us some garlic sauce to go with it. The garlic sauce was really good - the hummos was just okay. Not much flavor and I'm not a fan of their pita bread. It's the kind you would split open to fill with toppings rather than the kind that is meant to be folded (like a gyro). Just personal preference - I find this kind hard and bland.

Jen got the Dawali - Grape leaves stuffed with rice, chick peas, tomato, and parsley, topped with Aladdin's dressing, feta cheese and parsley. She's used to these being served cold but these were hot. They're basically the same as what is typically referred to as dolmades. I tried one and really liked it! Tangy and flavorful...good stuff.

I got the Sfiha - A combination of ground beef, tomatoes, onions, pine nuts and herbs stuffed in a pita pie topped with cheddar cheese and scallions. This picture doesn't tell show much...it's like a magical mystery pocket - what is going to be inside?!

It was basically like a big taco - tasted good. Not very saucy - but flavorful. All in all - probably the best thing I've ordered from Aladdin (in 3 visits).

Why Should You Go? Well if you're a vegetarian or really into lebanese/greek food - it's a must-try. I don't always think it's the best food - but it's not horrible. Also - try and save room for dessert. They have a huge fantastic dessert counter (not lebanese/greek - think giant chocolate cakes). This is a regional chain and from what I remember the desserts all come from Columbus. So, yet again, a mixed review. I would just think someplace like this would have slammin hummos and it just isn't. The food is always "fine" but nothing outstanding. It's a pleasant atmosphere but the service can also be hit or miss.

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Wedding Day Food Fabulousness!

Okay - not really sure if Fabulousness is a word - but I made it one for today! I got married a little over a week ago and wanted to share with you a few things about the wedding day - first - the food!

As the Food Hussy - I knew when I got married I only needed 3 things: cute boy (check), pretty dress (check) and FANTASTIC food (CHECK!).

So here's the rundown of what we had...

First - Cakes by Chris & Dani! Although this was dessert - they were set up first and they were sooooo amazing! I worked with Chris at my last company and he would always bring cupcakes in. I was lucky enough to sit next to him and I said, "If I ever get married - you're making the cupcakes!" Then a year or two later - I GOT MARRIED!

I love Chris's strawberry cupcakes so those were a must-have. That's all on the bottom tier with pink & blue frosting to match our colors. Then he told me about these chocolate peanut butter heaven cupcakes...he said I had to have them. Thank God I did! They were chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling and then chocolate ganache and broken peanut butter cups on top. Yeah - those were gone in about 3 minutes!

It was a bit of a cupcake war - people were trying to be polite and wait to take cake until I gave the okay. Once I said "ok" to one person - the people attacked the platter like they'd never seen food before! I was smart enough to put one of each away for myself before the festivities began.

The cupcakes were amazing and I'm so glad I was able to have a good friend participate!

(Personalized painting came from Etsy)

Next up - the real food! Matt from Virgils was my pick. I really did NOT want a traditional caterer and I did want someone from a local restaurant. I narrowed it down to a few choices but Matt won me over pretty quickly!

I knew we wanted just appetizers - combine that with a vegetarian friend and an egg-allergic fiance to contend with.

Matt was fantastic! He was flexible on the menu and completely took care of everything for me! He provided the plates, flatware and even a freshly-made berry iced tea!

The ribs were definitely a hit - I got to try a nibble of them and was in love!

A wonderful spread of heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzerella - delish!

There was also a lot of cheese - can't go wrong there!

We had these great pinwheels too! Some were vegetarian and others had smoked salmon in them! So fresh! I definitely snagged a few of these before they were gone!

You can't go wrong with fresh fruit and then Matt had such a great presentation style as well. He arrived while I was getting ready and then finished the layout while we were up the hill at the ceremony. We came in to beautiful food and a happy crowd!

Mini-panini sandwiches were a huge hit! There were Reubens among others...I was busy dancing and socializing and didn't get to try near enough of everything. But everybody kept going back for more and there were definitely plenty members of the "clean plate club"!

I did manage to snag a few olives here and there - tangy and delicious!

The big hit - not surprisingly - was the Mini Mac & Cheese cups (some with bacon and some without). These went so fast - and I made sure to grab one pretty early on. So glad I did - it was creamy and rich but not too heavy. I'm a Mac & Cheese addict and this was perfection in a cup!

There was also a ton of delightfully seasoned shrimp with individual cups of cocktail sauce (not shown). Larry is a shrimpaholic and I think he ate half this plate shown on his own. So appreciate that the tails were removed as well! It makes for much easier eating when dancing to Pitbull!

All in all - I couldn't have been happier with my catering choice. Matt was responsive and flexible and so friendly. He even came out and went through the selections with the vegetarian to be sure she knew what was for her. And for my hubby - there was only 1 item with eggs and we were told right off the bat. Virgil's Cafe in Bellevue is my new favorite place in Cincinnati!!!!

Lastly - since Larry is allergic to eggs - we had a grooms pie! It was a Hershey's Chocolate Creme Pie made by Edwards Desserts. We discovered this at Burger King and then found whole pie versions for sale at Meijer and Biggs. w00t!

The kitty cat cake toppers (of course I had to) are also from Etsy.

So that sums up the wedding food for The Food Hussy! I would encourage all brides to think outside the box when planning their wedding! Find friends that have special talents (can't forget Jen Reed she took all the photos - amazing!) and enjoy the day!

And yes - we did boogie down!

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