New restaurants!

I started a new job a couple weeks ago and it's in NKY - so that means new lunch reviews! I had pretty much exhausted downtown - so it was about time. (Yeah - I totally got laid off just so you all could have new reviews.)

I actually used to work in the same area pre-Food Hussy - but a lot has changed! My standards of Roly Poly & Quiznos are gone so I have to find some new haunts.

My boss introduced me to the Grandview Tavern - it's right off Buttermilk near Better Bodies.

We started out with bread and butter - the bread was REALLY tasty and the butter soft - WIN!

I started with a salad ($1.95) and their house dressing (Sweet Basil Vinaigrette) - it was good - nothing too special but nice.

I got their special and I found out that pretty much every day - there's a tilapia special! I guess it's different daily - but nearly always tilapia. I decided to try it - there was some sort of aioli on it. It was fine - cooked well - the aioli tasted pretty much like straight mayo so that was just okay. I liked the way the veggies were cooked - kinda bendy but still with a little crunch.

Since this was my first day on the job - I did not taste any of the coworkers food - thought that might be overstepping boundaries. So above is one of their pizzas - I think the Sicilian ($12).

Grilled Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries...($10)

Half-pound angus burger...($11)

Why Should You Go? If you live in the area - it's a decent "bar & grille" type place. I wasn't shockingly impressed but it's a nice atmosphere and good food.

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