NKY Mexican...the search continues

As I mentioned last week - I'm now working in NKY - Buttermilk Pike to be exact. Mexican food is one of my favorite things in the world so I was hoping that I would be loving the Mexican restaurant right across the street from me.

I could literally walk to Montoya's if I wasn't convinced I'd get run over crossing Buttermilk...so we drove.

Once seated - we got the traditional chips of course...

Inside looks like any old Mexican restaurant - it's fairly generic and stereotypical. Also - not very busy...

We were given a choice of salsas - I think it was chunky, spicy and mild...and I think there were a couple of others that we could have chosen from. We burned through these quickly and weren't offered any "refills". None of them were that good - by the end - we mixed the leftovers together to make one and it was okay but still not great.

I got the taco/enchilada and again - not great. The cheese was cheddar cheese. Really? I have never ever had cheddar cheese at a Mexican restaurant. The cheese enchilada you see - had cheddar cheese inside. It just congeals too quickly and becomes a hard lump of blech. The queso was kind of gloppy. The whole thing was just meh. I mean - it was edible - but about on par with what I'd expect from a tv dinner.

My coworker had a combo meal as well...it looks a little more appetizing. But the overwhelming consensus was that we wouldn't be playing Frogger to get to Montoya's again anytime soon.

Why Should You Go? Well I won't be going back. A Twitter friend did say something about a chicken dish he gets there that he loves and keeps going back for. So - decide for yourself!

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