Good BBQ? Meh...

Another place I'd been in my previous incarnation off Buttermilk Pike was Hoggy's - but that was pre-Food Hussy so I decided it was worth a try again...

It's in Crestview Hills Mall on Dixie Highway but it's tucked in a bit - so you can't see it from the road. 

I remembered that the cornbread was really good...but I think it used to be pieces of cornbread. Now it's muffins and they weren't very good. BIG disappointment!

There's a veggie combo of kabob, asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes. Kelly wasn't a fan of the potatoes at all. We each had the veggie kabob - it was okay but nothing special. The zucchini was tasty and really the only thing that held the marinade.

The onion rings look really good...big and horrible for you. 

I got a Pick 3 with a bbq pork sandwich + 2 sides (mac & cheese & kabob). The bun on the pork sandwich was HARD AS A ROCK - I couldn't even eat it. The bbq inside was okay. The kabob - previously mentioned - fine but not flavorful. The mac & cheese was bad! It was lumpy and gloppy - not creamy at all. Very "homemade" but not good - bland bland bland and a consistency that wasn't so good.

Why Should You Go? Well - I'm thinking don't bother. I hear City BBQ is much better. Thus the poll on the top left - what is your favorite bbq in town? (Hoping not everybody says Montgomery Inn - I'm not a big fan.) So vote in the poll or comment below if your favorite or a "must-try" isn't listed.

Happy Friday!

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