Ah Cincinnati Mexican food - same menu, different name

I'm not sure what it is about Mexican restaurants in Cincinnati but they nearly all have the same menu (minus the wonderful La Mexican and Taqueria). But in 2010, I was a lover of Mexican food. Not sure now that I have given up cheese - but I'm sure I'll figure that out. 

Last month, the coworkers and I headed to Mi Tierra in Crescent Springs. After the debacle that was Montoyas, I've been on a quest to find not-awful Mexican near Buttermilk Pike. I found Mi Tierra when I ran to Wal-Mart for some Christmas shopping and decided we had to give it a whirl.

It's in a strip mall next to something Chinese - Hot Wok I think - we'll have to go there next. No cheese in Chinese!

Salsa & chips - fine - standard. 

I got the Chicken Nachos and they were pretty good. 

Couple other people's plates - looks pretty standard - I know...

Why Should You Go? Can you tell how uninspired I am? The only ! was given to a comment about cheese. It's fine - if you like El Rancho Grande or the like - you'll like it. For what we were looking for - it was good. It's non-offensive and everybody left with full bellies.

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